How I Got on Probation

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MrStoner25, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. So I'm on probation for six months and it sucks ass. I'm almost 2 months in and I basically just read the forums to get me through not smoking. But, here's how it happened!
    So two of my buddies stayed over and one was in summer school at the time (we're currently juniors). But my friend woke up and had no ride to summer school, so I decided I would just drive him. I had no license but I kinda just took the car anywhere that was within like 2 miles from my house and my parents didn't care as long as I brought the car back in one piece. So we do our usual wake and bake, and we set off for the school. We drop him off, and we start going back to my place through town. Next thing I know, some old bitch flys around a turn where I'm stopped at a stop sign and she hits my car. So I start panicking and flee. Me and my friend had to have been doing at least 80 back to my house. I get home and tell my parents what happen (trying not to look stoned) and they understand, so my dad just takes the blame. My punishment was all driving privileges revoked, so I was pretty happy. Fast forward 2 months later; the old lady sees my dad's birthday on the crash report and says "she saw a kid in the car". So a cop shows up at my house and almost arrests my ass. Next thing I know I have a probation officer at my house telling me shit I was gonna be going through. Had my hearing, and got 6 months probation with 40 hours community service. Just a little life story I guess. Anyone have a similar experience?

    Only 129 days left of probation 😊
  2. It was an old woman you should've said her sight is messed up or something along those lines, might've seemed odd having a grown man speeding away from a small car crash though
  3. My advice...DON'T FUCK UP!

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