How I got my stoner name...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D9_THC, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. ... I was chillin at my friend's house, watchin Lord of the Rings... and we were both pretty lean. We'd each had a few bowls of some tasty bud, and 5 joints of just weed (no baccy) and the papers were coated in cannabis oil :D...
    ...Anyways, as you can imagine, we were quite wasted by the time we put on LOTR. We'd just watched the part where Bilbo and Gandalf are gettin' wasted on the hill before the party, and Gandalf blows a boat.
    Well my friend was blowin a few rings with his joint, so I sit back and said "Watch this!" and I sat there trying as hard as I could to blow a big sail boat through the ring :D Hahaha, we both thought I could do it aswell, I was saying "Almost man"...

    haha, so as of now, all of my friends have christened me GANDALF!

    Who blows a boat??? Honestly......
  2. hehe, makes me think of my old D&D days, weed + elves = fun
  3. Yeah i used to play D&D a lot.... but that was before I started tokin'

    One of my friends has got a really old Middle Earth D&D campaign setting and we're gonna play it. I'm a Sindar Elf wizard.
  4. That is damn funny "almost man" - classic good shit man. Me and my friend got stoned the other night and were talking about that bit in LOTR. We kept quoting "The best weed in south farthing!" like talking about our own weed hehe.
  5. Haha, and I imagined Saruman as an anti-pot bigot, when he says "Your love for the halfling's leaf has clearly stilled your mind."

    Hahah... good ol' Christopher Lee

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