How I fooled the Cops/Drug-Dogs.

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  1. Honestly, I never have many issues with the police, or drug dogs for that matter. So I'm not even sure this is a big deal, I just thought it was a cool story, with a clever trick.

    Anyways, just got into Cali, drove from AZ.

    I had my main homie with me, and an 8th of some chron.
    Right before we even began the trip, we smoked at gram of our stuff at my crib, and then took off.

    Right at the border of AZ and CA (near some green ass mountains) We ran into a check-point. We honestly never even considered running into one of these, and we were kinda hopeless.

    Unsure as to whether or not we could get by, some fear began setting in.
    Truthfully, I was really scared.

    Anyways, our bud was sitting in the cup holder, in a small gram baggie. (We managed to stuff 2g in there, prior to leaving, and we hadn't even TOUCHED the pot since we got in the car, there was no trace or scent of MJ, besides our clothes/skin, which was very minor, if any at all.)

    So as we were waiting in line, panicking, my friend grabs the small bag of bud, and shoves it in his mouth, beside his right cheek. He then puts on sunglasses, and rests his head against his door, and pretends to be asleep.

    I thought "What a genius!", as I casually pulled up to the check-point. A cop glanced into my car, I rolled down my window, and he just said, "Come on through".

    I eased passed him, and the rest of his crew/dogs. My heart was instantly filled with glee! I drove away from them, and just said...

    "Holy Fuck... Did that just work?"
    My friend gets up, and pulls the bag out of his mouth. Saliva covered, our herb was still dry. We were so happy we got passed the CP.

    Anyways, were chillin' in SD now, about to smoke what we snuck through. But, now were here, with our homies... Who all have bud.

    So, it wasn't really worth it at all, and it was stupid of us to even bring it.
    But, a good tale, nonetheless.
  2. That's pretty awesome. But I wonder if you really had to do that, or if you could of just of thrown it under the seat and still be fine.
  3. Exactly my point.
    I have no clue how difficult, or easy, it is to fool the system.

    So, was it worth it?
    YOU decide....
  4. Better safe than sorry I guess.
  5. Awesome story and tactic!
    That was some quick thinking by your friend.
  6. Sounds like all you did was look unsuspecting/ That weed could have most likely been anywhere in your car and you would have went through fine as long as you didn't panic. Dogs wont try to detect weed unless told to do so, which usually means the cops walking the dogs around your entire car, is close proximity.
  7. that's KIND OF what happened with a friend and mine.

    we were going to a friends house to buy drugs (lets just say it was weed). and then cops pull up on us outside his house because there had been a lot of car break-ins lately in the area.

    anyway, before the police came to talk to us, my friend just put the weed in a McDonalds cup. the entire time they were talking to us, he was just acting as if he was drinking soda from the cup (although the cup was empty).

    they let us go.
  8. a good egg omelet fart will deter the drug dog's nose also,,,:cool:

  9. I can just picture one of my stupid friends getting pulled over and before the dog starts sniffing the car he says hold on and hold the dog's head up to his ass.
  10. thats a really good idea. better then when i told my friend to eat the shit(it was some brick schwag) and then puked it all back up in front of the cop.
  11. I wonder if anyone has ever been arrested for contents of vomit and who had to process it. :confused:
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    well at first they were just like are you sick? then they looked at the puke and saw the weed and i guess that was the only thing they needed. funny thing though, i had my scale in the glove compartment of my car and some papers and a lighter(they arent illegal but anyone who knows anything would know whats up seeing all that together) and he thought the 222 was a fuckin ipod lol. i probably would have been able to play it off as one but i was scared and stupid and admitted it was a scale right when he said that. it all could have been avoided but it was the classic case of a young gun gettin nervous with the police for the first time.

    edit:burb cops are most likely dumber than you would think
  13. Haha that's a good idea
  14. i had a small port royal case with a secret thing to keep ur pre-rolled ciggs in(i had the bud in that) the cop opens up the main compartment cause i consented to a search, he goes "oh yeah" closes it back up and hands it back to me, i was like "holy duck fuck!!!!"
  15. Once I took out the tobacco of my cigarette and I extracted the THC from some nice buds, then I soaked the THC into the tobacco and let it dry over night.

    The next day I rolled up the tobacco and made a perfect cigarette, smoked that baby out in public and got high and no one knew. :smoke:
  16. The only run in I had with drug dogs was after I had recently aquired my med card, I was 18 and still in HS at the time. I had purchased about 20 capsules of the coconut oil in capsules and had brought them in my backpack to school as I usually did (retarded) to inconspicuously get high as fuck when needed.... Well anyway I was in advanced chemistry when all of a sudden the principle comes over the intercom and says "attention students today is our second random drug search of the year, teachers please hold all of your students in their rooms for the next hour."
    As you can imagine, I pretty much shit my pants. Well time passes and the dogs reach the science building and our whole class is looking out the window to check them out.... By this time I had taken the caps (in a pill bottle) and kept them in my baggy zip up hoodie pocket and no one could tell, I had heard the procedure was as follows:
    First, take kids out of class and check all backpacks that remained in the room. Then of anything suspicious arose, they would search the backpacks owner. Well the dogs finally reach our room..... And the handlers and k-9s walk right past!!!!!
    Didn't even poke their heads in to tell us to leave and search was being conducted....

    As I found out later that day, they had only targeted about 15 classes that day, and I'm guessing advanced chem helped quiteeeee a bit considering they aren't going to expect a bunch of kids with 3.9s and 4.0s to have bud, or be dumb enough to bring it on school grounds.

    Needless to say, I think I took about 12 of those caps that day just to calm down, and smoked a bowl at lunch just like always to calm down with my homie off campus.....

    He actually ended up getting searched because his backpack wreaked, but he has left his bud and everything in his car, safely off campus..... Needless to say a crazy ass day
  17. My ass was getting sweaty just reading that.
  18. This sounds stupid but it works

    Drug dogs get sidetracked by the smell of piss from other animals...spray some deer piss on your tires and that's all they'll be able to smell.

  19. Is this legit? lol
    Even if it is, how the fuck do you get deer piss

  20. Any hunting/outdoors store should have it. I'm not sure if it's actual deer piss but it's made to smell like it.

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