How i feel when im high

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  1. idk if this thread wuz created b4 but i jus wanted to let u know how i feel when im high....... basically i feel good and nothing can bring me down and my vision goes into high def, everything around me goes very clear and very detailed all of a and my friend went and smoked up a tree once and my high creeped up on me and thats how i felt, the branches in the tree were clearer than before and everytym i closed my eyes i felt like the tree wuz tippin over and when it wuz tym to come down i felt scared cuz we had to hang on a branch and jump down but i landed alright and walked home while the sun wuz blazin down on me smiling :)
  2. ur stoned man.. :wave:
  3. That's a good way to describe it, actually. A reality intensifier. Colours are brighter, everything is sharper. Sunlight is stronger.
  4. its almost like some part of you becomes more aware, and suddenly you can see the blueprints of the universe. you cant predict the outcome of things, but you understand how everything works, the laws that govern all things. And somehow, no matter who's talking to you, you manage to know exactly what to say to them.

  5. Haha i agree
  6. yea exactly how i felt
  7. yea i know lol
  8. you said it, guy
  9. that was a good day!:smoke:

  10. Perfect...You my friend just got sig qouted!!!!

  11. wow......couldn't have said it any better, when i smoke i sometimes feel like my insides are getting massages lol u just feel so good
  12. \\Hell yes//
  13. I definitely feel you on the "high-def" part. Same thing happens to me when I get stoned. :D
  14. lol that is so true. when i am driving i daze off at all the beautiful scenery to look at, but when im sober it all seems so dull. It feels like a switch is turned in my head that makes everything clear. :)

  15. you must be stoned, because you just described it as perfectly as possible
  16. It's really hard to explain but I always rate the difficulty of a small task with a color when I'm high. If something is pretty hard but not too hard, I refer to it a an orange task. If it's something like climbing into my shower it's a blue task. When it's telling my mom that I just watched TV when I was over my friend's house when really I don't even remember what I did there but I DO know that I possibly impregnated a girl I've only met once before that day I call that a flaming, red hot, life-threatening red task.
  17. ha actually, i was just about done peaking when i wrote this, and the day before my brother and i were smoking some headies and i remember thinking, "hey, you better remember how this feels"
  18. this thread makes me think of how i almost EVERY TIME just sit and smile right after i blaze for the first time after a week long break. how i feel warmth and relaxation and even happiness fill my body... and i just smile :D. makes me want to go see my blazing buddies and smoke.. but i have to conserve my weed... don't think im strong enough though.
  19. oh man that was a perfect description

    but you forgot one very important thing (atleast when im high), i have like a 10 second memory, but i dont like forget everything, i just forget when i did it. for example, i take one hit, then i take a shower then i go to take another hit but i think, wait i think ive already hit it...oh well might as well hit it again to be safe

    and also i dont get tired when im stoned, like on the burn out i do but while im peaking i could run forever, so its usually when i work out, and plus, cross trainers are trippy as FUCK
  20. I don't think this happens to many people.. Because only one person had told me it also happens to them. But my tongue gets really numb. Its not bad but I like chew on it cause it feels funny.

    This Happen to anyone else?

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