How I drove on DMT

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  1. Alright so it's story time kiddes. Get your popcorn and come sit on daddy's lap.

    So me and 2 buddies are driving around looking to score some bud. My friend calls his friend who says he has some and tells us to come on over. We buy 2 grams just for the night and we're on our way. So the same kid sits in the back seat now and rolls a pretty fat joint. Anyway, the person in the passenger seat takes 2 hits and passes it to me. I take my first hit and I kind of noticed a taste that was... different... Well I like to hold my hits pretty long just out of habit, so I'm holding this pretty big hit for say 10-15 seconds, exhale and take another long drag and pass it. I'm still fucking driving at this point and the dude in the passenger seat said "This doesn't feel right man..." I start to get this warming, loving rushing feeling through my body and the road before me starts to curve. I'm freaking the fuck out at this point, screaming about pcp-laced bud looking for a place to pull over. The entire car felt like it was shrinking and somehow getting absorbed into the earth. I seriously feel like I'm going to die to something, I don't know why but I did. So 4 minutes later I start to feel completely better and a little stoned. We call this guy back and he says "Yeah man that DMT infused weed is the shit, right?" WHAT?!? Apparently there was some miscommunication and the dealer thought my friend knew that it was spice-laden weed but he thought the price was just higher because it was dank.

    Although I wasn't tripping TOO hard and I most certainly didn't break through, I still felt the effects of the DMT pretty good. I can say from first hand experience that DMT-laced pot DOES work. We smoked it later and it was much more enjoyable when I didn't have to drive. I feel honored to be one of the few people who have driven on dmt. Sure, it was a low dose, but so what man. I obviously don't want to do it again and I thought I was going to die but it all turned out fine.
  2. Man, I would love some DMT laced bud right now. Good story! +rep
  3. If that was me I'd probably be dead.... your story had nice visuals
  4. Yeah I'm surprised I didn't die actually. I don't recommend driving on any dose of dmt, but really I got lucky that I didn't trip much harder.

  5. haha visuals
    Cool story I want some of that weed
  6. wow, you're lucky as hell
    not only did you smoke DMT, but you did it while driving and didn't die
  7. DMT infused weed. What is this world coming to?

    A cool place.

    Nice story.
  8. good read man, glad you didnt crash.

    dmt sounds fun. i need to get my psychedelic age up a bit before i try.
    *drool* hallucinations..
  9. i laughed .... but that woulda sucked dude lucky you didnt crash and have them find you with DMT/Weed in ur system
  10. Heh yeah. I can see fox news and the like reporting on this new craze - smoking DMT and weed and driving around. It's a new epidemic! O no save the children! War on DMT.

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