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How I Dogded The Cops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TBKDub_Tree, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So My friends and I are smoking from my bubbler on a hill in my friend's car. A few cars pass, but we don't sweat it (we don't give a fuck about anything when we're blazed). So we are running low on bud, but we found that if we all put our remainder together, we could have a full bowl. So we light it up. My tiny friend is trippin by now, because he doesn't have as much body mass to take the THC in, plus he has close to no tolerance, even though he is an experienced smoker. The bowl is getting low, and by this time, the windows are so foggy we can't see anything, so we don't notice the cop car rolling sown the street...really...really...really...slowly (I later found this out from my friend who was out of the car at the time peeing. He said it should have been obvious the cop car was coming for us, but he was too dam high). So my friend outside peeing hides when he finally realises what is going on, and the cop doesn't see him. The cop knocks on our window, then we hear our friend yell "DON'T OPEN THE WINDOW! DON'T OPEN THE WINDOW!" So we scared as shit, and book it down that hill as fast as we can in my friend's car. The cop tries to get there soon enough, but the fatty can't run to his car as fast as he needs to. We pick my friend up at the bottom of the hill, and drove away. In retrospect, one of the scariest experiences with weed I have ever had. But listen, I ain't mad! That was some DANK stuff!
  2. there probly looking for the car...
  3. you guys were smokin the last bowl of the night and your friend was busy pissin?

  4. That's what we told him, but apparently he had been holding it for over 4 and a half hours. That some serious buisness.
  5. i found out a long time ago that its a bad idea to be in a car with some other people that do retarded shit and dont think about the consequences. when i was in highschool i kept getting in trouble because some dumbass would throw something out of the car.. or go piss outside the car.. or stick their head out the car...
    friends + weed + driving around = probation

  6. I would have to totally agree with you on this one. I used to hang with some kids a couple years younger like last year and we would drive around in my car but these dumb shits would like throw trash out my window and see if they could hit cars, one time the kid hit this one guys car and he turned around in a mcdonalds parking lot mad fucking fast and started to chase us haha. not worth being on probation for or getting in trouble. some kids are just too fucking stupid.

    and also having to piss for 4 and a half hours does sound like some serious business. one time less than a year ago i drank a lot of coffee that day and it was cold out and i was driving home from somewhere and basically could NOT hold it to the point where i had to release natures calling or i would start pissing on myself while driving, i pulled into a side street and didnt' even turn my car off and got out and took a tinkle:D

  7. Smoking in a car is just plain dumb. You'll get caught eventually, and I'll bet they are keeping an eye out for the car now.

    Don't be stupid, smoke in a secure, safe location.

    EDIT: Evading police is an additional charge if you get caught that can even include jail time.
  8. Lol so you risked a felony to try and get out of a misdeamonor. This is the perfect example of why I don't like smoking with people unless it's inside a house or some remote area.

  9. dude you couldn't have said it any better!!!! I hate smoking with stupid ass sketch kids! Seriously though I'm used to smoking indoors all the time. And when my buddies come down we ALWAYS blaze in their car. I'm the person thats always looking around checking for cops and shit. They all make fun of me for it, but I say fuck that I'm not getting arrested for this stupid shit. :) They'll understand one day

  10. Exactly the same for me. I met a new dealer a week ago or something, he was driving around sitting places to smoke, like completely empty parking lots, sitting on turn outs on to the main drag hitting a pipe, etc. I straight up told him I've got a clean record this far not trying to mess it up over a 20 sack just drop me off at my car. I rather take my time and get a smart dealer than use a dumb one and risk being caught

  11. For me, scratch that. Friends+weed+driving around=good times haha. Glad to hear that you dodged the cops though bro, and sorry that you don't have good expierences driving high with friends locnar :(
  12. oxymoron?
  13. you fogged up the car with one bowl?

    Why did you let your friend get out to piss while hot boxing???

    I can smell weed while cruising around in the summer down town when I'm not smoking. Seriously dude, keep thinking.
  14. i think you're thinking 'trippin' in a different sense. i believe the OP just means he was really really high.

  15. cant beat a good hotbox im sorry, but you just cant.

    then againnn..i live in the country, and my town only has 2 on duty officers at a time and we have scanners. so that pretty much eliminates any problems there. unless i hit a cow :(

    in all seriousness tho, thats not cool to spark a bowl when your friend isnt there. thats just mean!:eek:
  16. damn thats crazy... gratz on the quick thinking :)
  17. mussta been mad sketchy when he yelled not to open the window, if i were him i woulda just called u on cell

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