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How i deal with cotton mouth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nubcake, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I dont really get cottonmouth that much but when i do, I dip wintergreen skoal, or husky, but when i started i used hawkin wintergreen, its like candy lol. I keep it in the fridge and put a pinch in and just let is sit for a while. Gets saliva flowing and gives a nice buzz. Love the feeling when im high, it also suppress the munchies for me. Only problem is its a disgusting habit. But whatever like half of my senior class does it. Just thought id contribute somthing. thanks
  2. I love grabbing a cold can out of the fridge and throwing in a fat pinch right after blazing.... grizzly wintergreen is where its at tho skoal just contributes even more to my cotton mouth
  3. i just drink a monster or a coke.
  4. Fuck that shit,
    I use water
  5. at the point of cottonmouth just hand me any long as its not bong water!
  6. Water or fruits for me :D
  7. Orange wedges or apple juice haha. I smoke cigs, never did chew, how do the two compare?

  8. i do the same, i get about 2 cups of water and whatever fruit i find. the fruit really helps with the munchies also.
  9. I gotta have my electrolytes, pass me a Gatorade. The chew gives you a great body high but it is a nasty habit.
  10. i cant believe someone else loves to rape the Mercilles armies of cottonmouth with the secret one pinch knockout of dip!

    Grizz straight or Skoal apple

    gotta love it.
  11. i used to get it but i dont think im getting it any more
  12. Yeah dip works for stimulating saliva but you're not really hydrating yourself, you're just getting more spit in your mouth, which you're going to spit out anyways and become more thirty than before. I guess it works as a short-term substitute, but its an awful habit to have
  13. Enjoy your mouth and throat cancer.

  14. Bottle of water before toking, during toking, and after. Tell me that you get cotton mouth after doing this and you're full of shit
  15. #15 mwids, Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    i get one of them colored folk to pick it all out and make me a shirt

    I don't care if you're joking. Racism isn't tolderated at Grasscity. -Trikky
  16. i loved chewing. shit tears your lips up pretty bad though. once i had my first pinch of cope i couldnt go a day without chewing a can... in the end my girl friend made me quit... now i smoke, idk about you guys but IF i did get cancer i woulld rather it be my jaw then my lungs. i can smoke up without part of my lip, i cant blaze without my two bollons
  17. Ha, pretty sure racial slurs are not welcome on the site.
  18. yes. good man here. i think ima get a tin today actually

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