How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man

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  1. This is a relatively short book by Mary Elizabeth Croft detailing the various tricks banks, debt-collectors, credit card companies etc, use to leech off of your life and convince you do give them your money, their lack of real authority and who you really are.

    It is a 97page free pdf so you have nothing to loose but the time you spend reading it (if you find absolutely nothing of value in it).

    I am only on page 16 and have found it enlightening and wanted to share with others who seek true freedom.

    Here is the direct link to the off
  2. don't buy shit you can't afford

    ~ there you go.
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  3. How about income tax theft? What are you buying with that?

    You don't have a car loan or home mortgage?
  4. yes, i have an auto loan. i got it because i can afford the payments.
  5. In other words, you bought something you couldn't afford by agreeing to pay for it in the future, assuming you are able to sustain an income for that period of time.
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  6. no, i can afford it. that's why i don't have banks, debt collectors, and credit card companies coming after me because i took out an auto loan that i can afford and not on a 2017 Cadillac Escalade fully loaded. You know what I mean.
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  7. Yea, we don't need to argue.

    How many signatures are on the loan?
  8. Borrowing money and not paying it back is leaching. Debt collectors, banks, credit card companies just want what you agreed to. Bet your not too happy if someone makes a deal with you and breaks their end of the bargain
  9. I ask this kind heartedly, do you know anything about contract law?
  10. I have a debt collector on my ass right now. That's because when I was 15, I was stupid enough to get braces, and let my parents pay for them.

    When I became 19, my biological dad decided he would cancel the payments - since he hated the fact that I was a queer lesbo and all that - so I was stuck having to pay $2000 for the rest of those years, even when I was living on welfare between 2012-2014, literally surviving on spaghetti and baked beans.

    Now I'm 23, yay. Thankfully, there's only $400 left to pay. I don't think debt collectors are bad people, nonetheless. I think my dad is a bad person, not the debt collectors.

    If there's one thing it taught me -- it's that borrowing money is a bad idea, plain and simple. The last time I borrowed $5 from one of my roommates, I hated myself so much for it -- I gave him free beers for the rest of the week.
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  11. At age 15 I don't think you can legally enter a contract, so you are in no way obligated to pay that.
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  12. If you re-read what she posted I think you'll find that she took over responsibility for treatments when her father stopped. While they may have started when she was 15, she was apparently not a minor when her father stopped paying otherwise she wouldn't have been able to take over the financial responsibility.

    To the original post though.... all you have to do is not use credit. A payment on a house or car should be it. Putting a meal on a credit card, new clothes, consumables like gas, etc. is ridiculous. Financing any kind of tech is a bad idea. You will pay off that $500 stereo or phone years after you no longer are using it. Read contracts.
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  13. Never had a credit card personally. I went 8months without a phone when I broke my other one because I buy them outright and use prepaid plans.

    The book is about more than not paying debts.

    Although I don't like everything about it, there is some good information.
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  14. I hate credit cards and credits scores etc. It is needed to purchase a home.
    I have never had debt, i just don't buy what I can't afford.
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  15. Homes are artificially expensive, somehow I'll find a way around it. They are so expensive because people sell 15-30years of their life to 'own' one. Whenever people are willing to go into debt for something, they are in effect saying it is worth more than it is, which makes it cost more.

    It really sucks for those of us who wish to avoid debt. Credit card users and people who take out loans are making everything more expensive for us.
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  16. Yeah, I would never want a 20 year loan at high interest.
    Why I saved most my working life for a 80% down payment so I have a tiny mortgage payment for like 4 or 5 years.
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  17. Working 30 years for a box to live in, how are people okay with that?
  18. Most don't have a choice I think.
  19. What's the alternative? Rent? Live a nomadic life?
  20. I got almost 2 million from medicare so I kinda owe something

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