how i broke my bub

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    I had this nice 35$ sidecar bub that had "420" embed in cool glass.last night i feel asleep with it in my hand (on my bed),when i woke i opened my hand too fast and it fell off the bed= smacked the cement.wish it never happened.:(maybe i shouldnt "smoke till i sleep" anymore lol i feel like deleting this threadjus tbecause i liked it so much.
  2. how do you fall asleep with a bub in your hand.
  3. i dont know man,it happens. one thing for sure, cant go back.
  4. lol your bedroom has a cement floor?? :confused:

    but that sucks man, we've all been there before breaking a favorite piece. keep on toking bro
  5. cement floor? u live in a studio-style apt?

  6. no my basement has a cement floor
  7. You sure you were smoking weed out of that bub? :smoke:
  8. How do people fall asleep with random shit in their hand? My dad falls asleep with a cereal bowl in his hand all the time. It's like he munches down and passes right back out.

    Do you have any pics of the bub when it was intact? I'd like to peep that shit.
  9. That is terrible man, but you must have been stupid high if you can fall asleep in bed with a bubbler in your hand haha.

  10. hah, atleast he has an excuse of being so stoned he fell asleep. I just cant understand how people fall asleep with lit cigs and burn down the house.

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