How I almost got busted 2x

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  1. Okay here goes a little background, i been smoking regularly for about 4 years now and back in the day i did some really dumb things that turned into some pretty good stories. I must be really lucky though because I've never been caught. Whether its opening up a window to ash my joint as smoke clears out of a hotboxed car and (i shit you not) three cops are driving in a row past me, and they were looking right at me. Thats not even my best story though here goes the first one.

    Me and my buddy were leaving from another buddy's party on a summer night and i told him i got some bud to smoke (after getting some food at mcdonalds). so we pull into this shopping center right off a main road to smoke (looking back, horrible idea). In my area we got this thing called saturday sanitarium, which is metallica hour. So we were blastin metallica smokin bowl after bowl. At this point i wasnt the stoner I am today so i had a pretty low tolerance. I was just sittin there dazed out when I hear "oh shit, hide the pipe". I look around and theirs a fucking police car k-9 unit right next to us. I threw the pipe under the seat and lit up a cigarette right away. He starts to come to the car, I don't remember exactly what was said but here goes to the best of my ability. BTW - i tell my friend not to say a word because he is a dumbass and will make it worse lol.

    Cop: (shining flash light in face) what are you guys doing here so late.
    Me: we just stopped over their at McDonalds and needed a place to eat.
    (dog barking in background)
    Cop: well why are you guys eating here when you could be in the mcdonalds parking lot.
    Me: we were gonna drive home and eat but we were too hungry so we decided to pull over.
    Cop: it smells like marijuana in this car
    (at this point i froze because i knew we were screwed, then out of nowhere came this confidence that i needed to dissuade him.)
    Me: Yeah i guess these menthol cigarettes do sorta smell a bit funny.
    (dogs going berserk in the back of the car)
    Cop: Okay guys take it easy and drive safe
    Me to my buddy: don't say a word until he drives away
    "HOLY SHIT, DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN", i figured i either legitimately pulled it off and the cop was a dumbass, or he has no problem with weed and doesn't want to screw us over. Either way we were pretty shocked.

    Okay, here goes second story (happened about a year after the first one). About eight of us were at this little park off a kinda main road playing volleyball high as hell. This was right after I got my green 1992 dodge caravan and we hotboxed the shit out of it. we were finished playin volleyball and half of us left while the other half and i went into my van to smoke more. for whatever reason someone else was in the driver seat and i was in the passenger (we were just chillin though so it didnt matter). We passed it around a few times then i noticed i had a missed call on my phone so i go to voicemail to listen to it. my one spaz friend is tweakin out sayin how he just passed two cops heading our way and we should get the hell out of there. by that time it was too late and the cop cars pull up right in front of us. the pipe gets thrown in the back and one of the cops catches my dumbass friend putting the lighter in his pocket. one cops walking up to us goes "you guys are hiiiiiiigh" and we all started giggling like a bunch of kids, it was pretty funny though. the other one goes what did u just put in ur pocket. my friend responds " a lighter". cops goes "step out of the vehicle" and he starts askin my friend for his license and registration. and we're trying to explain its my car and the cop gets all confused as to why hes in the driver seat then. he asks us our socials and my one buddy doesnt know his. They look up my other buddys record and see he got in trouble for breaking and entering (hes a dumbass: he broke into the pool concession stand after hours with a bunch of kids and stole a bunch of snacks and then got caught). he ends up getting arrested and put into the back of a police car. the cops end up finding his new bowl and take it. and a different cop brings me around back and goes " if you smoked i want you to be honest with me and we'll go from there." "If i suspect you're lying we can hit you with an ovi, possession, and we can tow your car". im just like ill tell u the truth i hit it a few times and we were just sittin in my car. cops lets me go and the funny cop is just fuckin with my hippy friend with long hair telling him if he gets a haircut they'll let him go. he ends up just letting us go as my other friend is slamming his head against the window. we get back in the van and just die laughing. then the cops come up to us and tell us if we give him 300 (i think) for bail for my friend they can let him go. i was sitting there shocked cuz it was pretty dam obvious the guy was crooked. either way i wasnt going to pay bail cuz the kids a dumbass and kinda deserved it, plus i was broke lol. end of story :smoking:
  2. Moral of both stories, don't smoke in a public place where cops might go. Find a nice quite place in the metroparks or just smoke at somebodys house. You make get away with it in the short term but it will bit you in the ass.
  3. Cops look for parked cars in the middle of no where at night. Im telling you. Make sure you remember that and good luck in the future.

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