How hot does your Droid get?

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    Hey everybody, just wondering what your normal temps are. For my Droid bionic on ics which is overclocked to 1.2 ghz, I'm usually between 90-100 F. If I'm in the sun playing Pokemon and listening to music, I'll be around 110 f regularly. Right now I'm using 4g and just hit my new record, 48C or around 117f. What temps do your guys normally get?
  2. Dude... you're fucking melting your phone.. don't OC it..
  3. Ics overclocks the bionic by default, its the same processor as the RAZR and that's been at 1.2 for months
  4. I put my droid on vibrate. I then asked my friend to call me repeatedly. "But why would you do such a thing," you ask? I'll tell you why. I put the phone on my junk so the vibrations would get me off. Needless to say it worked. But now I have 3rd degree burns on my testicles.

    And that, folks, is how "hot" my Droid gets.:ey:
  5. Those temps are perfectly safe for most electronics, but the hotter it runs the less time it will last.
  6. How hot does my droid get?
    Don't know man I never thought droids had any sex appeal at all.


  7. No sex appeal at all? Come on, look at those eyes. ...fapfapfap

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