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how hot do bic lighters get?

Discussion in 'General' started by BackCatalogue, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. does anyone know the temperature of a bic lighter?
  2. no, but why do you want to know?
  3. im really bored so im gonna make a bong and use apoxi to glue it together and on the package it says do not put under 225 degreees
  4. well the direct flame would be over that but as a sealent arround the stem going into the chamber i'd be supprised if it got to over 100 degrees at the sealent while torching a few salvia bowls with a propane torch. the bowl would get friggen hot im guessing 300-600 max but the stem wouldn't really get past 100.

    you can buy silicon for cheap and some silicon is specificly formulated to hold strength at high temperatures. People use silicon to give a perfect seal where the gasket touches the metal on an engine when rebuilding so it resists heat well and can hold in the pressures from an engine while heated up as hot as a performance engine heats up.

    aslong as that glue isn't directly toughing the bowl it'll be ok.
  5. well im drilling a hole in a trippy lookin vase

    and i was just going to apoxi the stem to the vase and have a carb because i dont know how to make a female. can you buy silicone glue?
  6. for the slide you could just use a small metal pipe, one that fits your stem.

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