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How hight will i get?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ENiGMADubz, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. So im getting 2g of lemon haze and also getting a free .5 royal ak (dank) sample, i have a pretty high tolerance, how high will i get if i was to smoke a joint with the 2.5g to myself in one session as i wanna get super blazed as i have never really got obnoxiously stoned? ( i have only ever smoked high grade bud 2times which was super lemon haze)[​IMG]

    Thanks, Enigma
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    2.5g of dank should practically knock you out, but given that lemon haze is a sativa, you'll probably be laughing your ass off stoned. I have a low tolerance -- 0.1g will get me baked for 2 hrs. To answer your question: there is a serious problem if it doesn't get you absolutely smacked. You should try using a pipe, or a bong if you wanna maximize the high.
  3. i dunno depends on how high his tolerance is. I feel I have an insane tolerance bout 1/4 a week for the last 8 years as a result I can smoke stuff like the attached picture without it dropping me.

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  4. Here's the thing, OP: If you really had a high tolerance, you'd already know how 2.5g would effect you. I believe you believe that your tolerance is high, but I'm thinking it's not actually high because everyone I know who really has a high tolerance would know how 2.5g would effect them, because they've done 2.5g at a time before. That's why they have a high tolerance. Not sure if I'm explaining that right. So, OP, I'm going out on a limb and am going to say that there's no way that you'll get through the 2.5g in one sitting. I think you should make a run for it though and see what happens. Report back!
  5. Agreed. Even the most seasoned stoners with iron lungs would have a tough time finishing a 2.5 g J solo dolo in one session. My advice would be, if you still insist on rolling a fatty and getting super stoned, to smoke it in thirds.

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  6. yaa what dude above me said. I'd roll two 1g joints and save .5g for a bowl or a grav
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    I've been smoking daily since 2013 and I get the dankest weed from, GSC, afghan, death bubba,and the most id be able to smoke in a sitting is maybe 1.5gs averaging .7-1.0 daily and I'm high for hours, take you time or it wont be fun after a few days cus you'll feel like cramp
  8. have zero expectations and get high. you can only be disappointed if you don't feel like you get what you deserve out of your bud, so just smoke it and relax........[​IMG]
  9. You're gonna overdose, dude. Count on it.

  10. you say you have a high tolerance which implies you know about weed and yet you ask a question like this? Trust me your tolerance is not high if youre asking this question. That being said, a 2.5g blunt is just dumb. Why not smoke a g, be high as fuck an save the rest? Amateur

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  11. If you have a high tolerance you should be able to tell yourself.

    You are the only one that can answer this question... by testing it.


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    2.5gs is enough to keep me high all day if i smoke out of a bong, smoke every 3-4 hours and you will still have bud left over. If your tolerance is such a issue take a break for a while. Only helping your lungs and budget. As for how high will you get? Only one way to find out blaze one up op!
  13. You will probably plateau after 1-1.5g providing you make it that far. I dont consider myself to have a high tolerance, yet been smoking daily for 6+ years. Never took a t-break, rarely smoke more then an 1/8 per week. Just enjoy it, don't abuse it.
  14. 2-3 days later and no response from op.... Must have ODed
  15. RIP OP lol my friend took an edible that was very potent once and thought he was overdosing lmfao till this day he says he was about to overdose.

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