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Discussion in 'General' started by Dew 420, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Ok so normally i smoke outa a spoon and it usually takes two or three bowls to get me high but i have only smoked two times is this normal or does my cheeba suck (white widow) or does my body haave a higher tolerence for it or what somebody help me out???
  2. if its White Widow i doubt it sucks.... but since its probably not. .. dunno mayube its just you just started... i didnt get high till my 3rd or 4th time... :D
  3. nah, you just gotta pack fatter bowls.
  4. If it's real white widow, 2 hits should get you high.
  5. i think your bullshitting.

    either its not white widow, or your story just isnt true. unless your mysteriosuly immune to the effects of marijuana??
  6. Isnt it kinda hard to tell if youve only smoked twice?

    Just keep smoking different kinds and the answer will come to you in a cloud of smoke.
  7. Your prolly not even inhaling. :p
  8. i currently have white widow and 2 hits glues me to the chair man...and iv'e been smokin a while...your dealer just prob told you it was white widow to get some extra money outta ya...
  9. Thanx for the replies and since like 5 of yall say its not white widow its probably not but that is what my dealer told me and it was my first time and i didnt know any better but thanx for the replies but i figured since it was my first couple of times it would have me high with a few hits but i guess not
  10. Yeah you should check some pictures of quality stuff here on the boards, so you know what you're looking for...also you could try a J, for some reason they get me higher than all the other stuff...probably got something to do with my nasty nicotine addiction.

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