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How high will I be?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kaleofficial, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Op you've ingested two many weeds. You're going to od in class ,but on a serious note ,was the cannabis your friend put in the fire crackers dank or mids? If it was dank I'd recommend you stay home today and try to catch up on what you missed in class next time.
  2. oh yeah and one more thing, if I were going to make some for myself, how high would .5 of some decent weed on one get me?

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  3. Umm strength was fine... Number of doses was off. Eat about a quarter of what you did. So 4 grams, a typical joint is 1 gram or less so imagine it the equivalent of smoking 4 joints. You did 16 today...
  4. You have tracers and CEV????


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  5. Aha normally I laugh at kids talking about tripping from weed, this is actually understandable in this situation
  6. Fuck Yea go to class. But damn 16g seeing sounds and hearing colors.

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  7. If you're saying you just ate 2.4 gs, then yes you will be very stoned. Too much so to function possibly even.
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    OP might not have remembered who he was, let alone that there's internet.
    Lmao that should be about right.
  9. Hella hella high man
  10. So on a scale of one to space how high were you? Haha
  11. No way this is true. If you ate that much, you would never be able to type and make sense of anything. Someone who ate 16 GRAMS of a properly made edible would be fucking out for like 48 hours! Either your edibles were made improperly, or you sir are full of shit! A post from someone on a peak high of 16 grams would look like a 3 year old that is pressing random keys on a keyboard.

    I don't care if you smoked all day everyday for a year. Even those that medicinally ingests Rick Simpson Oil (prior smokers or not) will get high as fuck (unless it was not decarboxylated) the first couple weeks and the average dose is much less than an eighth. Not more than a half ounce.

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  12. Bahahahaha well I'm sorry if you can't handle your own but I've managed to smoke over and ounce of dank, a half ounce of hash and a gram oil all in one day and was good to go so I don't see how he couldn't do It in edible form
  13. OP OD'd on weed

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