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How high will I be?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kaleofficial, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking daily for about a year now, I ate a firecracker yesterday with like .3 of dank in it and got a kinda small body buzz. So about 10 minutes ago my friend who grows weed comes up with 20 firecrackers, he cooked them in the oven and mixed the pb with oil. HE PUT 2 GRAMS IN EACH, so I was like hell yeah and he said you can eat some and went to the bathroom. While he was gone I ate 8 of them. He just came out and said "there's no way you ate 8 of them." but I did lol, I don't feel nothing yet but he said I'm gonna be very stoned. So lol I have a class in 2 hours, how high am I going to be? I smoke before class all the time, will I be fine? Thanks :)

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  2. Lmao do not go to class. Stay in a comfortable place and either A. Go to bed B. Ride it out.......thats 16 grams you ate lol

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  3. I highly doubt it was 2g's of oil for each. Or else you just ate 16g's of oil and will not be able to go to class. 2 g's of oil for 16 would be a good ratio

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  4. Lol how are you feeling?

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  5. Damn haha 16 grams worth! Haha respect man, respect. I though this was going to be another "i usually smoke half a joint, how high will I be if I smoke a whole joint" haha, you done changed the game. Interested to hear how this turns out
  6. Negative 5 at the moment, but last night when I test-drive my new Big Bertha bong: 11/10
  7. wow, 8 edibles. hopefully not trollololol.....but damn! 8!
  8. Ya I hope this isn't a troll, cause if it isn't, this guys brain is about to explode lol
  9. Op stopped responding sooo

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  10. #12 Bill O'Really, Feb 13, 2014
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    Looked through my telescope and found OP!
  11. it kicked in about 30 minutes ago and in my year of smoking I can tell you this does not feel like a marijuana high. I can not explain it but it keeps getting stronger. everything I look at and switch. to something else leaves a trail for about 2 seconds, I can hear nothing barely besides my heartbeat at this point. I am not going to class I am staying here I am hearing things that I don't know are there or not and I'm kind of scared but at the same time I am high as fuck yo this is kind of sweet

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    Just enjoy the ride man. Ain't no reason to be scared...time to turn on some Archer on Netflix and howl at the fucking moon man.
  13. Any idea when this will wear off? I can't sleep because every time I close my eyes it's like I can see my thoughts like everything I think I can actually visualize.

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  14. Lol "enjoy the ride" I sure as hell didn't enjoy my half dozen medicated cookie ride. :unsure:
  15. Umm you're going to be high for hours.... Peak high will be 2-3 hours. You've just gotta ride it out.
  16. That's because you were stuck in Bat
  17. This you OP?
  18. I was stuck on the bed/coach and I couldn't move, made that butter too strong- worried it wasn't going to be strong enough :hippie:

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