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How high will dabs get you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankypanky, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Dabs will get you too high if you want

    Peace be with you

  2. theres no dabs here :hello:
  3. I remember I did 5 dab hits in one sitting, NEVER will I ever do that again. Could barely function, & I'm a productive pothead. Crazy shit
  4. Haha like everyone else, it gets you fucking ripppeddd. I like to call it first grade high instead of high school high, btw. it's like your seeing the world thru new eyes and good wax tastes better then chronic
  5. Dabs will get me blown especially if I start doing Widow Makers then I'm gone for sure. I usually do like 2-3 dabs if I do smoke the most I ever did in one sitting was like six plus two of those six were widow makers
  6. I imagine you'll be oops cloud 9, but it will raise your tolerance faster than you thought possible, so do it in moderation.
  7. a couple years ago me and my friends scotty and calvin when to my other friend colins house and took dab hit it was Calvin first time and he go so fucked up u would have thought he was drunk lol i had to carry him back to his house hes hes such a light weight

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