How high should a light be from plants

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  1. I got 2 1000wt hps eye hortilux bulbs 2 feet away from plants. But the new groth is coming out not sure if its the light or what.
  2. do the tried and true hand test put your hand right over the canopy and see how hot the back of your hand gets if it just feels warm and doesn't get hot then your plants will be ok as well. 2 feet should be a fine distance away they could be yellowing cause of a nutrient deficiency such as Nitrogen but I can't tell for sure without pics and more data.
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    its just yellow where the new growth is coming out of the tops of the plants

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  4. I have my plants about 8 inches away from my 1000w lights with no problems whatsoever. Whats the humidity in your room and whats your soil PH level and how often are you feeding them?
  5. whats ur light schedual like? and what kind of nutes and grow medium are you using?
  6. my lighting schedual is good i got a timer.i got sensi bloom 2 parts starting at 800ppm.sunshine mix #4

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