how high must i have been when i wrote this?

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  1. found this poem that i wrote a long time ago and forgot about it...
    i mustve been SOOO high hahhahahaa
    what you think?

    the flow

    they say lifes got a flow
    that floats in a direction unknown
    they say its the way you must go
    but some choose to go the other way

    fighting the current
    one moves a negligable distance
    but one can move both ways, concurrent
    and travel far with some assistance.
    if one stands still
    or moves without persistance
    their lives, they shall kill
    as they vanish from existance

    but with that persistance
    the fighter can find
    that upstream they can travel the distance
    to bring peace upon the mind

    they say go with the flow
    its the way things should be
    but the seeker wont take no
    as an answer, will he?

    No, he wont, he never could
    he always questions the questionable
    perhaps more than he should
    would the seeker question the unquestionable?
    they knew that he would

    so they set that current, to fight him away
    so the questions that musnt be answered
    unanswered theyd stay
    and the current still flows unto this very day

    while the seeker still fights.
    much to their dismay
    with all his might
    and he'll never be carried away

    upon beating the current
    the seeker, he quivers
    he knows all of his questions will be answered
    at the end of the river.
  2. Not very high cuz if you were high then you would see the word DORITOS somewhere in there. lol
  3. I wrote a popcorn formula to find out when my popcorn would be done, it involved jewish people, pirates, and 300+ years, you tell me?

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