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How high I was yesterday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sm0kedr0, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Well before you start reading:

    1. Yes go ahead and call this fake and whatever and that I just want attention
    2. Go say that this was huge placebo

    but yesterday I pretty much tripped from weed. And no it wasn't laced don't be fucking stupid. Anyways I've only smoked a few times. This happened similarly but not as much the very first time I got high (like the 3rd for me smoking) where I got very strong effects. After that like a few months have passed and I just got regular highs.

    Yesterday I took like 10-15 hits off a joint with only probably 1.0 of fire in it. It was overwhelming. I had no idea wtf was going on. It was extremely difficult to do anything. When I laid down in bed I would think of the WEIRDEST shit, I mean I was as delerius as a low level shroom trip. If I sat up it would be a little better but when I laid down I could feel my breathing, it seemed like I could feel my individual organs, I was having the weirdest body high and was floating really hard. My sound was the worst. I could hear everything. and if someone coughed or if a car outside was speeding I would hear the same sound over and over.

    And how did time pass? Like 30 minutes = 2 minutes. What was bad about that was I tried to fall asleep. It was too much and the only reason I don't like that was I had people in my house and I didn't want to get caught (Yes, I'm 18 senior in hs)

    Also my vision. Usually when I'm high things seem far away but this time first it was dream like and also my vision was so wavy. This part seems fake tbh but if I looked at my hand I would see 15 fingers for instance and then if I concentrated on it it'd be normal. My vision was so wavy it'd make it seem that way.

    Anyways it was some crazy shit. Instead of just feeling chill it was like I was transported to another world. I think 1 notch down would be prefect but that was just weird. Especially since I kept hearing the doorbell ring (at 1:00 am) and my paranoia automaticly thought it was the police (yes police are going to arrest a guy for smoking at night)

    Edit: forgot to add, I woke up when it was 4 hours since the first hit and was still feeling the effects. But I fell asleep right away pretty much.
  2. You were really high...

    Why did you need to ask us again?

    Edit: Your tolerance is pretty low, which is ok. And 10-15 hits is pretty much the whole joint?
  3. nothing just if this happened to anyone else.

    i cant really explain the thoughts. I couldn't even remember what acting normal meant.
  4. It's happened to me before, but it was my first time ever smoking and it was out of a bong and I was hitting batch p's.

    I was shaking and messsssed up. I never had smoke in my lungs until that point so doing the two at once was a bad idea.
  5. sounds pretty crazy, reminds me of alot of my first highs, dunno if ive had shit exactly like that tho.
  6. Shit. My tolerance is high, but ive been on a break and havent been buying weight at all

    Last night i smoked half a blunt, and about 2 bowls of some good hybrid outdoor and i was higher then i've been in a long ass time.
  7. congratulations you were stoned:hello:

    But no seriously your fine, next time just dont smoke as much. You didn't "trip" you were just really high. Soon you will wish you could get that high.
  8. The wavy is pretty normal for super duper high, I find. Happens to me quite often.
  9. Haha! That story sounded almost exactly like something that happened to me once. It was crazy, I took the phrase "full retard" and gave it whole new meaning.

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