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how high does the pax get you

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by stevenreider, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. how high will one pack from the pax vape get you, i am interested in getting it and i already know about the sleek appearance and all of that but the main reason im getting it of course is to get high. if one pack dosnt get you high how many? tell me from your personal experiences :hello::):confused::D:smoking:
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  3. Put it this way;

    It will get you high. If you want one get it.
  4. geez man relax asking a simple question just trying to get answers, i made a new one because no one wrote on the other one,
  5. think i could put a roach or 2 in it and it will burn nice?
  6. it won't burn at all, tis a vape
  7. An oven packed tightly will give you about 25 hits or more, id say if you scorched an entire trench you'll be high as shit.
  8. 25 hits? With what heat settings? After I do 5 mediums I have to turn it on high to get any visible vapor.
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    My tolerance with the Pax has gone up in recent days as I have been at home more and working less, thus using my Cloud more. I used to be able to get fairly medicated off an entire oven on low with the Pax. Now, I have been using medium and not feeling the effects as strong as before. I'd say about 1.5 ovens to get where I got with just 1 before.

    lwien summed everything up. All variables that influence everyone differently. I'd even say how fine you grind your herb has some to do with it.

    @Zanin - I can get 20-25 hits on low. I stir the herb half way through. Granted they are not big clouds, but still smoke-like. I prefer to take lots of smaller hits while the unit is on to minimize the herb wastage. Plus it's easy on the lungs. Are you loading it to the brim and packing it in? Be careful not to over pack it. I try to get it in snug, not crammed in. Quality of herb will drastically affect how much vapor is produced as well.
  10. This is a reasonable question? If you put .2 in your pax or in your bong which one would have you at a nicer high?
  11. [quote name='"stevenreider"']think i could put a roach or 2 in it and it will burn nice?[/quote]

    Do NOT use a roach in any vape. It will taste horrible and effect the taste of the vapes mouth piece and whatever air path it uses.
  12. I've been thinking of buying a Pax, can anyone tell me if you can replace it's battery? I don't want to fork out the money for one and like 2 years down the road have it not work well because it can't hold a charge for long.
  13. They come with a 10 year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, get a new one.
  14. It gets me wasted after two or three packs depending on quality. I use a lot of editable and have a high tolerance.
  15. I lost my pax in some moving boxes GRRRRRR where are you pax?!?
  16. It gets you as high as the product you put into it gets you. 
  17. Put it this way,
    Vaping a full pax Bowl will get you higher than the equivalent amount in anything else(keep in mind it's a lighter "smarter" high)
  18. I literally did not get high at all. I will admit it was my first time using it and so I blame it mostly on that. With that said I would never get a portable vaporizer unless it was for oil. Get a fuckin desktop vape, NOTHING compares to it. Nothing. Unless of course you are part of a large majority that are not capable of using them other than the retard-friendly volcano. If that is the case, then you know what to do. Get the 'cano
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    I've heard the pax does burn the bud slightly, making it a waste of money and a bad vaporizer. Also, many other threads about the pax exist. Use the search engine before creating a new thread. -Join the club
  20. I Typically use one full bowl to feel the highest I wanna be.

    I have a high tolerance so yeah. You're good.

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