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How high do you like to get?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by z16, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. On a scale of 1-10 10 being so baked you can barely function, 1 being barely buzzed; how high do you prefer to be? for me it's like a 6. Oh and sorry if this is a stupid question I'm kinda high right now :yay:
  2. Really depends on the situation. If it's the weekend and I've got all of my important stuff squared away, it'll definitely be in the 7-10 range. If it's during the week and I'm really busy, probably 4-5, if at all.
  3. 11 and regretting it is something that will never get old. I love touching the hot stove.
  4. Depends on the situation, my plans my environment people I'm with etc.
  5. 10,get really high
  6. 7-8 usually and 10+ on the weekends or weeknights
  7. 3 - 5 Usually. But if im by myself after a long day, 8 or 9
  8. as high as my current stash permits - 10 is desirable
  9. I rarely get passed a 7 anymore. With my vape I'll be at a 2-4 throughout the day. A nice joint will get me to a 6-7. I rarely get baked anymore, but those times are due to come back :p

    I'd say I love being at a 5 all day with a 7 at wakeup and 8-9 at sleep, but that's my fantasy worlds
  10. when I have nothing to do, definitely a 10. whether it be from edibles or vaping or smoking or a combination of the three, I get there. well I try my best to get there. :bongin:

    if I have sports or like I have to do hard labor, I'll take a fat bong snap or two and not be uncomfortably high, but still pretty high. so like a 7 or an 8, sometimes a 9.

    when I have to use my mind or have to be sharp with my thinking, I'll either not toke until after or hit my vape once or twice to get a chill head high going. probably a 6 or a 7.
  11. 15! I get reaaaalllyy reeaaalllyy HHHUUURRGGGHH! 8)
  12. Actually it's hilarious you mention the high scale because my friends and I use the scale alllll the time. Love it. :smoke:
  13. I'm trying for a 10 all the time. Dabs get it done
  14. Ovvvvveeerrrrrrrr 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 90% of the time I go for a solid 5 or 6 get high but not faded. That way I'm relaxed and eveything is fun but I'm not spacing out. When I get really high I get all philosophical and just stare out into space reflecting on shit. But I aim for the stars and love it.
  16. Preferably high as possible
  17. I function at a 5 yet I'm still pretty high.
  18. 5. My best High was when my vision was all messed up and stuff was going like small boxes and going in and out.
  19. Probably around a 5-6
  20. I'd rather have a solid 6 all day long then a 10 for two hours.

    thats just me though :)

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