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How high do you get?...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hoojers, May 26, 2016.

  1. I smoke good old fashioned joints (pure weed no tobacco) a couple of times a month. I only ever smoke one in a night, typically 3 inches, quite slim. It's enough. I'm high for 2-3 hours, and go through various stages of intensity. As of yet, I've never been brave enough to try that 2nd joint for fear of getting "too high" and losing control.

    Am I right to just appreciate my experience, or am I missing out on another level of high because I'm being overly cautious?...

    Thank You.

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  2. You have to get "too high" a few times to appreciate and know the full range of cannabis
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  3. Appreciate your experience.
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  4. Your low tolerance is already giving you an incredible dose. I quit for five years and when I smoked again I was watching spirit wolves race in front of the car.

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  5. I agree with the people that say appreciate the experience!! it is one you probably won't remember, and you'll knock out for bed before anything too crazy happens. The most I've ever smoked is 8 blunts between two people each about 2 g's. Best night of my life. After a while though, your tolerance builds up fast. now 4-6 blunts are nothing to me :/

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  6. Being overly high and out of your comfort zone is not fun lol. I prefer a buzz and not to get blitzed or even what some people call 'high'
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  7. Same. Although it won't kill you, there is a such thing as too high and then it can turn undesirable...commonly known as greening out.
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  8. i've gotten pretty fricken high from weed, always looking to get to the next place, it usually knocks me out
  9. Wait till this guy faces his own personal blunt to his face
  10. Your fine man, i knda started with your routine. Just be true to yourself if u wann smoke another do so if u dont dont. Just dont live in fear.

    If you think you'll loose control u shouldnt be smokin in the first place.
  11. I smoke daily. I mainly use a one hitter. 2/3 hits and I am good. High usually lasts a couple of hours.

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  12. While I think one must get "too high" once or twice in their life, just enjoy the buzz and keep doing what makes you comfortable. Remember, cannabis is great, and getting really high can be fun, but it's the things you do during the high that really make the experience whole. Smoking too much can make you fall asleep and miss out on whatever you like to do. No fun in that unless you use it to help you sleep.

    Now, after awhile you might notice the single joint does less and less for you. You can either smoke more than you are now, or take a little 3-5 day break to get your tolerance down a little. I go a week between having and not having any, and the amount that I smoke in one sesh during my last 2-3 days of being supplied could knock me on my ass at the beginning of the bag. I recommend regular, short breaks to ensure that single J is the only thing you'll need to get to where you wanna go.

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