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How high do you get?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gcmsboy, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I smoke quality bud, about 3 times a day. I usually get pretty high, but I'm very functional, not really a euphoric feeling. I understand this is from my tolerance being so high. But TO THE PEOPLE who smoke more then once a day: How high do you get? Is there some strains that will mess you up no matter how high your tolerance is? I know I need a t-break. But just wondering who else is with me. Or do you smoke every day and still get high as hell?
  2. Everyday and still get fried as hell. :cool: occasional one or two day breaks here or there though.
  3. OG Kush will fuck you up no matter what. :devious:
  4. Weekdays I'm about a 8/10 on the fried scale.

    Weekends I try to go as far over 10/10 as possible.
  5. If I'm alone i usually keep a 6/10 high going until I run out of weed. When i met up with my friends on the weekend 10/10.
  6. Haven't gotten super high in a while. Taking a break when I finish my stash.
  7. I have been known to start vaping right after work (5pm) and carry on untill bed time (1am). Now for almost 2weeks I will wait till 8pm or later (on weekdays) to have my
    1st daily session. I find that my high is back and its glorious. Plus i dont' go through as much bud.
  8. Generally a 6-8/10 if I'm doing shit, at night at least an 8/10, on weekends I get fuuuuuuckkkeddddd up like 100000/10, had 4 VERY potent cookies (half would be a typical single serving) worth of cannabutter last weekend and 3 blunts with 3 friends, hoo boy.

    Strangely enough the cannabutter was different than a typical edible which would normally take about an hour to set in, we all ate it on bread and almost immediately looked at each other grinning and were like "Am I crazy or do you guys already feel it too?..."
  9. My average day, I smoke anywhere from atleast a bowl, to 5 bowls. Depends on how much I've got going on that day. I've smoked heavily for the last year or so without any breaks, and I still get pretty high. I also do have some of the best hookups in my area, but I can pretty much always bet this weed here will get me stoned. :p
  10. Multiple times a day. Fat snaps, kief, and wax are your best friends.
  11. Multiple times a day. AOTA is fucking me right now, one solo bowl and I'm a 9/10. But last night I was higher than I've EVER been. Easily 15/10 (improper fraction, I know). 5 bowls (2 AOTA, 2 Jack's Dream, 1 Maui Berry) and 4 dabs (2 SFV OG, 2 Headband) in the span of 45 minutes. I didn't even make it from my car to my apartment.
  12. I smoke several times a day, but my tolerance is through the roof. I'm very functional myself, as I love to toke it up before a long shift at work. Man, do I wish I could get high like I used to
  13. Yes I always got high even when smoking every day, but I now see tolerance breaks as essential where I didn't before.

    I finally took a three week T-break since I noticed a major difference even going sober for a day or two (that would usually fade again just as fast) would make. That three weeks was pretty much like a reset to new smoker for me. I've been vaping a half gram or less per day and staying quite high from it. I've been vaping for a couple of years now and I think that definitely helped as far as efficiency, too.
  14. I've been a heavy daily smoker for at least 4 out of 8 years of smoking ganj. It takes a few smoke sessions to get me high. I start my day off with the vape and a grav pack usually, extracts just keep me sleepy right when I wake up, not high.
  15. usually i get about 7/10 and i usually maintain that 7/10 high through the whole day. usually right before bed i like to kick it up to a 10... gives me interesting dreams and it keeps me asleep
  16. Smoking a blunt between 3 people gets me to a 4
    2 blunts between 3 people get me to an 8
    a backwood between 2 people gets me to an 8
    And a blunt to the face gets me to an 8
    Haven't been higher than 8 since me and my brother tacked out his car with three fat backwoods ....i was zooted aha
  17. As high as Wu-Tang get

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