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How high do dabs get you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 4smoke2haze0, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. In my six years of toking, I have yet to vaporize hash on a healthstone or nail and dome, although I would like to more than anything haha. The closest I've come is, well, not very close. I've vaporized resin and thrown hash on top of a bowl, but I highly doubt it comes close to dabbing. From what I've read, it takes you to a whole other level of getting stoned. Anyone with any experience in dabbing have some insight? Thanks. Peace & pot.
  2. Your first dab will be like your first time smoking dank most likely. It's a concentrate so obviously it's going to get you blazed real fast but if it's some dank nectar you're going to have a roller coaster ride.

  3. Sounds fun. I wouldn't know the difference between the first time I smoked and the first time I smoked dank, considering it was the same time (OG Kush). I remember the second time I smoked good though (Purple Passion), it was the highest I'd ever been. Like, I was getting high before, but not that high. I guess that would be what it is like.
  4. I too wanna try dabs
  5. I took my first dab a week ago. It was awesome. The high was diffrent and stronger. I was high for like 4 hours off 1 fat dab. I smoked 2 hours before work and all the people I work with were like woah we know you come in high but today you loom super high! I was like I promise I haven't smoked weed today! Haha yeah its good shit!
  6. Hah, your first dabs will be fun.
    Eventually your tolerance gets built up and it's the same as weed though.

    A lot more pleasant to consume though. No smells from smoke if you have to worry about that, and no worrying about having an ash tray near is my favorite part.
  7. Are "dabs" just small balls of hash? Sorry for the ignorance
  8. Do dabbers even get high smoking regular old chronic every now and then? Or does this just ruin it for you.
  9. I wanna really make like a single serving if this wax and jus try it once to see if i like it
  10. [quote name='"coraygc"']Are "dabs" just small balls of hash? Sorry for the ignorance[/quote]

    The dabs I did was some "hash oil" it is super sticky with a green tint to it. It has a consitinsey of carmel. But I know there is multiple types of concentrates
  11. [quote name='"boobtree"']Your first dab will be like your first time smoking dank most likely. It's a concentrate so obviously it's going to get you blazed real fast but if it's some dank nectar you're going to have a roller coaster ride.[/quote]

    Are dabs similar to hash oil in effects?

  12. It's all good man c: . Dabs are pretty much just hash that was extracted from the plant via butane, and formed into a smokeable oil substance.

  13. Damn man! That sounds too cold. It would be perfect for me considering my weed tolerance is fried!
  14. Yea I'm gonna buy my nail soon and torch but I'm not in a hurry weed still gets me where I want to be

  15. You should get a healthstone if you could find one man. From what I hear, they are waaaay better than nail and domes. Both seem to be effective though.
  16. anyway you can make like a single dab before making a big batch? prob just wishful thinking
  17. Not really but you could make a small amount such as an eighth or even a little less. It's def an expensive habit for sure though and health stone suck a dome would be the best bet for anyone.
  18. Man I don't like processed bud, hash, hash oil, dabs (although I've never done one). Ima stick to buds.
  19. i have a question if i have say a gram of earwax how long would that last versus 2-3 days of a gram of buds?
  20. Depends on the buds, if their dank then it will probably last you longer than a gram of earwax.

    Dabs get me zooted but so does a bowl of really fine chronic. 1 dab = 3 hits of dank for me.

    If its some really GOOD wax that blond shit. Then Im good off 2 hits for the day.:smoke: Aout to take my first dab of th day wkendab yee

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