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How high did you get yesterday on 420 and what happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr.Hudddson, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Yesterday was 420 and a friend and I got blown with about 15 bong rips each. Great afternoon. What happened on your 420 and how stoned did you manage to get?
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  2. Oh man I ate about 5 grams of abv and smoked a bowl before class and about 2 hours in I started feeling that abv and pretty much slept the entire time. Went home after that class got some munchies and was out

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  3. Smoked 2 fat island bash swisher minis with about .7g each of MOB BOSS while hotboxing my truck. Ate some Chinese food and watched TUF and a few of the stoner movies they were playing on comedy central.
  4. Friends came over to my place yesterday. We played some music while dabbing dab after dab after dab.

    Later the munchies came and found this great Thai place down the street.

    Came back home, did more dab after dab, smoked some joints blunts bong hits.

    Got the munchies and drove 45 minutes for japanese ramen. It was epic!
  5. So much smoke.

  6. There were 4 of us and we actually went way to hard. (other people did show up but they only smoked on their own shit) We prerolled 2 extendo blunts and 5 regular blunts the night before. We smoked those through the day and also each went through a half gram of wax. Besides that I think the only other things we smoked was like 2 bongs and 2 joints. It's honestly ridiculous how much we went through
  7. Smoked 2 bowls at break with my friend then smoked another 3 or 4 bowls at lunch with the same friend was high af in class on 4/20

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  8. we had about 7 ppl over and all took an edible and kept 1-2 bowls rolling at a time for a solid 2-3hrs and throw 2 joints and 1 spliff in that time also. after that the guy with the dabs and molly showed up and then the night just blurred. it was amazing
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. First legal 420 here in Oregon. Smoked all day. Went to several events put on by dispensaries. They were handing out free weed left and right. Free dabs at the dab bar... Went to my place after that with several friends. Smoked straight till midnight. Between 4 of us smoked about 5 grams of shatter and close to an ounce of flowers including a 7 gram joint rolled with raw 12 inch papers. It was epic! Definitely the best 420 experience of my life and I'm in my mid 30s. Lol

    Stay stony, stay lifted, peace!
  11. Here's one of the dab bars. Just walk up and have a seat and they'll hand you a dab.

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  12. The 7 grammer came out a little wonky but the eighth ounce one came out great. Lol

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  13. Here's my table, mid session. Lol. [​IMG]

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