How high can you get?

Discussion in 'General' started by dustinslegacy1, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. How high can you possibly get? Is it possible to reach a threshhold where you just cant get high anymore?
  2. Well for Weed i seem to have a Threshold where its just many scenarios playin in my head.. but cant really focus cause little people be talkin..
    On other shit, There seems to almost be no end
    "The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." - Hunter S. Thompson
  3. there is definitely an "apex," however, this is USUALLY shortly followed by passing out.

    however, this doesn't mean "smoke 'til you drop." after a couple of bowls, it takes a lot more weed to get you just bits higher

    smoke til you're happily blazed, then put away the bong for the next session
  4. ive gottin so high that i was actually was in a mario kind of state the i got drunk to so theres was no walking for me
  5. Fuck! how retarded is this thread??

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  6. Ive heard of angry drunks but not angry stonners
  7. haha his pic looks like hes both...
  8. Oh believe me you will know when you hit it. Suprisingly I really don't think it takes a huge amount of weed to reach a maximum high because after awhile it seems like you start smoking yourself sober. If you are looking to have a large peak than try and smoke as much as possible in say ten minutes from a bong. It's different for everyone though but I know after awhile it's hard to distinguish how high I am.
  9. i was always told that there was no point to smoking weed once you were already stoned. that you cannot get stoned-er. nevertheless i usually smoke when i'm stoned anyway because the smoking part is fun.
  10. My friends and I when I was younger have tried smoking and ounce in one sitting and we finally realized that there was no point except to say we smoked an ounce in one sitting hahaha
  11. [​IMG]

    Now that's pretty fucking high.

  12. Seems to be you're definitely better off smoking 2-3 bowls so you get stoned... Don't just keep smoking bowl after bowl after bowl for 10-20 bowls... That's just fuckin stupid and a waste of weed...

    My buddy works in a old peoples home and there's some older stoners there... seriously they're pretty cool.. They told us that the best way they found to smoke is to have a bong sitting on the table and take 1-2 rips every 45minutes-an hour... That's gotta tell you somethin man...

    I can pretty easily smoke myself sober if I just sit on my couch and smoke allll night long.. It gets to the point where you're seriously just wasting weed...

  13. I def agree with you on that. Great insight from some OG stonners!
  14. After 2-3 blunts of some good shit ANYONE should be str8 , anything more than that is just a waste
  15. Dude one blunt of the good stuff should set you straight.

  16. i bet if i tried i could get really really high.......all i would need is some :bongin:x100 then i bet id be feeling really really :smoke::D:smoke:
  17. I wonder if there is a cut off for eating laced brownies as well...if you just ate a pan full of brownies...besides having a stomach ache...would you get more stonned?
  18. Fer real.

    When i get top notch trees ill roll a gram rillo at most and im feelin pretty good with a third blunt, Half a blunt and im nice n stoned, Finissh the other half like a hour later and im blowed for 3-4 hours.
  19. that's actually pretty dangerous, as you can get REALLY fucked up/sick off of too many brownies.

    i wouldnt really recommend trying it...
  20. Honestly, after over 10 years of smoking, I can't reach that high point anymore. I can smoke until my throat hurts, or I sober up (which pisses me off).

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