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How high can natural bud get you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bob112, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. also is natural bud good i only get natural because thats all anyone has sometimes i can get cheese/dro what do you think?
  2. huh? you smoking synthetic weed? cause it's all natural....
  3. I am almost sure all grass is natural, do you mean organic?
  4. what do you mean? like just let it grow wild in normal soil, or just grown organically?
  5. I mean organic like regular no additives or anything just old fashion weed that anyone can get the stuff indians smoked no special breed
  6. what are you talking about? all bud is natural unless youre buyin that legal chemical crap
  7. #8 TelevisedChaos, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2011
    You sound very misinformed lol.

    "Dro" refers to Hydroponicly grown weed.

    "Cheese" is a strain of weed, usually smells like cheese :eek:

    By natural I can only assume you mean Organic (no fertilisers or enhancing nutrients etc.)

    Organic weed usually tastes/smells nicer but as far as how high it can get you (without taking your own tolerance level or dosage into account), it depends on the genetics of the individual strain, and how well it was grown.

    Organic is generally a rare thing on the black market because the yields tend to be less (growers use nutrients to get more product from their plants = more money for them)
  8. What?
    You make no sense.
  9. Im talking about the cheap shit that everyone has like its not no purple haze or chees its just plain like what do you call plain regular weed nothing special
  10. you call it weed haha. gets you high as fuck
  11. SO weed from the 1700s? High enough to keep smoking it i guess, i mean we did win the revolutionary war.....

  12. ^ This post wins listen to what he said. Also I will put money down on that you probably won't find 100% organic bud no offense but especially with the 1 hook up you sound like you have.
  13. @321 penguins what do you call it i call it weed or sometimes pot
  14. you're talking about schwag or mids. organic bud is actually highly sought after by connoisseurs if it is well grown. organically grown bud can be just as good as non-organic, it all depends on the grower and the strain.

  15. Yeah no just because it is regular weed does NOT mean it is organic probably the opposite the only way to know is if you grow it.
  16. duuh whu U tokin' bout muhfuckah? u nodt kno avereetheeng obowt wiedzZ?

    On a more serious note, depends on the strain, people like to be pot snobs, but if it's less potent, you only have to smoke more :D

    plus the "unperfect" weed usually costs less expensive, and it may not be all fluffy and symmetrical and stuff, but nature's an artist too, even if it's more abstract art :hippie:
  17. thanks it is schwag i never knew what to call it it takes me 1 to 2 bowls to get high 3 or 4 to get baked
  18. Stupid thread, grow your own if you want sexy organic
  19. Genetics only takes you so far-a good grower can grow out bagseed that can easily surpass a bad grower's expensive beans.

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