How heavy is the DEA in Georgia?

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  1. Seriously contemplating guerilla growing at least 10 plants. Being young with my whole life ahead of me, I cannot afford to get busted. If you're from the state, how many people do you know that have gotten busted. How many have had success?
  2. Can't afford to serve the time? Can't afford to do the crime!

    Simply the truth.
  3. plant them seeds

    raise that weed

    on top of trees.

    wait for spring.

    and leave them be.

    don't write your name on em and you'll be fine.

    don't plant them in your garden and there won't be no time.

    take MauiSon's advice. it's the right kind.
  4. Heavier thand Rossane Barrs tits... and Venus Williams Ass..
  5. not quite the feedback i was anticipating......

  6. Ah but still valuable advice..
  7. call the D.E.A. and tell them you are a college student doing a paper on marijuana cultivation in georgia and ask them if they can tell you how many people got busted, how many plants got seized, and what the average punishment was. if they want a name, make up one or hang up. and dont use your phone. lol.
  8. Very excellent advice. I never thought of that; However, I am going to see what else I can find out from the users on this site before I go calling the DEA!!! haha!

  9. your welcome. i think its all public knowledge due to the freedom of information act.
  10. Cops here suck man, my friends cousin got busted with plants in his yard, the cops went through his yard without a warrant and claimed they were looking for an escaped convict or some bullshit
  11. its not just the DEA.. You need to worry about any LEO finding your crop Id worry more about local police

    in georgia you will be doin 5 year Minimun Mandatory Sentence for 10lbs or more im pretty sure they count a plant as 1lb if it has a root system so 10 plants= 5 years prison time judge has no choice..

    My advice is start getting in good physical shape and have the mindset that you could get caught and lose everything you have

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