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How Has Your Personality Changed Since You Started Smoking The Herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skunky Monkey, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Lets try and keep this thread going i'm going to put all of these in a pro legalization leaflet to show that long term smoking hasn't got bad effects but i need allot of replies so be honest if it has effected you badly post and if it's effected you in a good may post that up
    So how has your personality changed what do you do differently good or bad.

    I will post the leaflet when i'm finished and i'm going to make like a thousand and put them all over where i live :)
  2. Well i have ADHD and id honestly say cannabis has mad me a less angry happier person all around. I also enjoy nature alot more aswell and also have more appreciation for nice views.
  3. i have become a lot more calm and peaceful for sure...i remember before the herb i was filled with rage and now it is gone...i am a thinker and philosopher now. nature is a emotional thing for me now and i appreciate things more,,,it is all positive.

  4. Nice one good post :), i had ADHD when i was 14 i took my first puff and it went i never experienced it again, possible because it changed my brain chemistry but dam i sure never had ADHD after that :D
  5. Im allot more at peace with the world and every thing else. Im allot more passionate about subjects im interested in as well, films, life, revolution, everything really :)
    It's made me look forward to the next time i smoke, i don't let my life revolve around marijuana, but marijuana revolve around my life. Im not an every day smoker like some people on here, so i enjoy the wait until i next smoke. once or twice a week. And i have a great session with friends.
    I love marijuana, going to smoke it until the day i die. :smoke:
    One Love.

  6. Me too man, i do allot of animation and art and it's made me enjoy it allot more.
  7. I'm definitely more at peace with the world. I've taken an appreciation for nature and also I've transcended through time and space but I can attribute that to other substances;):D
  8. I've calmed down a lot and became a lot more peaceful as well.
  9. I've developed an interest for abstract thinking. I listen to jazz all the time now, I'm into philosophy and everytime I'm high, I look and try to find works of existence. The marijuana has gave me positive energy and thinking.
  10. It makes me happier. I smoke now when I go on long walks. Nature just feels even better. I love it when I'm backpacking in the woods now, when you finish you just feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself.
  11. Well before, I used to be worried about what people thought of me, but now i dont worry about much at all.

    Also I now think a lot about what will happen to me in the future, which I wish i dont, because I'd rather just cross bridges when I come to them..
  12. Wow i would love to put this in a flyer or something, marijuana is just fucking amazing isn't it :smoking: how it's changed us all not into lazy stoners but peaceful people if the whole world smoked bud well that would just be dam amazing
  13. The first time I smoked I let it take over my life, and I just became a douche. So I stopped for a while, then when I started again, I realized I could handle it. Since then, I've become much more mature, subsidized my depression and anxiety (most of the time, but not all), and I've just become a much better, loving person in general. My family has actually been complimenting on how well I've been doing in school, life, and how much time I spend with them now. It's made me a better person. =]
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    Just realized this thread got moved into apprentice tokers, seasoned tokers is for discussions and as a seasoned toker i would like to know how marijuana has changed the personalitys of people who have been smoking for a long time.

    seasoned is for discussions and this is a discussion :(
  15. I think most importantly for me, it helped my realize that I really do like guys. That's obviously a big part of me and I think the realization would have been delayed had it not been for the herb.

    I guess I might be a bit more chill, but who knows. Weed hasn't really made my life go in a different direction than I think it would have without it.
  16. I think it made me less ignorant as were all on this earth to smoke this bud all together.
    also makes me watch my back alot haha. sativa yeaaaaaa.

  17. I actually think it has made me question the truth, people come up with so much bull shit about bud and it's all wrong, so i don't just take people's word of things i re search it and find out for myself.

    I just wished other people would do that before making there opinions :(
  18. The thread will probably just die :( i dought peoples personality have changed much if they have just started smoking.
  19. Haha smoking is pretty thought provoking but psychedelics are much more powerful in my opinion. Too bad we can't talk about them here:rolleyes:
  20. 1st off I just realized today is my 3rd year of smoking. :hello:
    It has made me more patient,positive,mature, interested in reading, and changed my way of thinking 100%. I appreciate the little things more. I have gotten to know myself better by simply smoking, sitting, and thinking. I love how old memories I have forgotten will just pop into my head randomly.

    I am much more quiet and more kind. I used to draw attention and lookfor validation from everyone, which I know longer do.

    It has also helped my back pains(from being overweight) and depression.

    One more thing is that I realized in the last 8 months that I have never had real friends, just people that liked to have me around to make fun of.

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