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How has weed changed you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Evil Thing, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. been mostly positives for me.
    I'm way more confident, for one. During highschool and first months of college before I started smoking I was very quiet, kind of kept to myself. Only a handful of friends, but they were good friends. After I started smoking it just kind of clicked with me that I will never get what I want in life if I don't voice it. So now I'm a much more talkative, more verbal, and overall more confident guy. I learned to not care what others think, and that helps too. I've lost a lot of weight since starting smoking because I don't eat nearly as much as I used to. I used to overeat every meal I had, but now all I need is a sandwich and im good for half the day. I don't go to parties and get drunk anymore, because I think getting high and chilling is more fun.
    I don't get angry much anymore, and on the rare occasion that I still do I can just smoke and completely let go of the anger. I like to write more now, and I spend my time more productively now instead of wasting away playing video games for 5 hours a day. I'm much more proactive, doing things that I need to do instead of sitting on them forever and going out to do things I want to do, instead of staying home all the time. I think about my future more, and I see the world in a new light where everything is teeming with possibilities. I've started to grow my own, which has gotten me pretty interested in plants in general, whereas before I couldn't care less about plants. Now I want to have a grow room and garden and all that later in life.

    There are negatives too though. Money, of course. Started slacking my second semester and didn't do too well, but I recently had a revelation about me and my relationship with weed so I don't think I will have that problem again. It has pushed some people I was close to away from me because they don't approve, but on the other hand I have made tons of good friends through smoking as well. Health is a negative, as I used cough up plegm pretty regularly as soon as I started toking, though now that I have slowed down quite a bit my lungs are thanking me. Smoking weed did lead to me smoking tobacco, however I'm not a heavy smoker of that and once the bag of rolling tobacco I have now runs out, I won't buy another.

    Overall though, weed has been a huge impact on my life since I started smoking last October and as long as I stay smart about it for the future most of the negatives are null. I feel that I am in general a better person who is more proactive, and that I have a better grip on my life than ever.

    How has weed impacted you?
  2. It simply assisted me in finding the drive i needed to start my company, also it gave me a hobby as i love growing. A lot more than other hobbies ive had.

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  3. Saved/ruined my life all at the same time
  4. Care to elaborate?
  5. -helped me lose weight
    -helped me gain confidence
    -helped me understand the world around me
    -i get “high” sometimes without smoking and i get this “kick” of creativeness and lightheadedness.

    There are also cons.

    Since i grow, i can just smoke it whenever. but when i’m not near it or i’m sober, i just wanna get high but i’m too lazy to roll another one.

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