How has smoking weed changed you?

Discussion in 'General' started by bestday, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Here are a lot of stereotypes surrounding smokers. It seems that if you smoke some ppl think ur dumb or are a bad person. ( those who don't smoke)

    Since I've starting smoking I have become a less judgmental person, I have also learned to care about others more. I used to do whatever I wanted just for the benefit of myself without regard of others. Smoking has helped me to see the bigger picture.

    What about you guys ?
  2. The bigger picture is a good way to put it. I feel i would have learned these lesson just from growing up, but weed has certainly sped them up. I mean after a couple months of smoking I had virtually zero of the judgements I held before. Now that I'm 5-6 years in, there's not much that can make me mad. I'm pretty fuckin chill now. :smoke: Not to mention the 1000's of other things it does for me.
  3. Weed just puts thing in perspective you know? I see what worth being upset over and what isn't, and just generally have a better outlook
  4. I think that it helps me to see things more clearly, like everyone here says, puts it in perspective. I feel like I can come to a better understanding of things, and feel much more optimistic
  5. There's a thread like this everyday
  6. I think I'm about the same as I was before smoking. Probably a little less irritable; probably more irritable after smoking in excess.

    I don't think it can change someone drastically. It can probably, to a small degree, mellow someone out, but I doubt it can do much more. I'm sure a lot of these success stories can be explained by other factors that are not apparent to the particular person.

    It's kind of annoying how one person can say something and then everybody sort of believes it too.
  7. It wasn't really marijuana that changed me, but the prohibition has made me realize that politics is a bunch of horseshit.
  8. Definitely made me less judgemental, More calm as well.

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