How has marijuana improved your life?

Discussion in 'General' started by mike9, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Title says it all, how has marijuana improved your life, if it has at all

    The only real positive effect marijuana had on me (besides social bonding and shit) was a real anxiety problem I had when making presentations in school. I would literally shit my pants when I had to present anything in front of the class. I would get nervous, i would start shaking and all that...well, i presented once while high and it was significantly easier and i was hardly nervous, i was more focused on smoking more weed lol. its no mystery though, i obviously didnt do that good presenting all my information but anything to avoid that massive anxiety is worth it for me
  2. In the old days it whas always with 1 big group and then we smoked with like 7 man 100 / 150 euro in 2/3 days and play games on consoles etc go out in the woods add like 04:00 good old times but yeah also thanks to weed there where some problems some ppl didnt have the money any more etc so after a while the whole group whas almost gone but not only becouse of the weed but it whas a part of it. so it gifs you good and bad times i geuss :)

  3. I used to get angry and moody alot over stupid things before I started smoking weed, it really calms me down and Im way more laid back since I started smoking.
  4. Thumbs up for you bro !

    it really helps out stress some think its running awy from your problems but i just think.

    I just chill out first then i fix the problems ;)

    Or i just like smoking weed . . .

  5. I sleep through the night when I smoke bud, which was nigh on impossible for me before I started smoking.

    Other than that, weed just makes life better, food tastes better, makes sex feel better, it makes shitty movies better!
  6. Perhaps not an improvement but an aid. Weed helps me relax and relieves the stress of a shitty job and poverty.
  7. besides recreational use, It eases just about any pain I have, especially hangovers and come downs. Ill smoke weed when I have a cold, the flu, migraine, anything:smoking:

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