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How has marijuana effected American culture ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nick Schofield, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Just curious to know what others think
  2. Made us high.

  3. Sounds like an essay prompt..
  4. Hopefully for the better. It is for sure slowly becoming more "acceptable" to burn one.
  5. It has made us over think what we can and can't do. It has also made people rebel more from the government by telling us what we can and can't grow or use...
  6. Hmmm... Its changed me, I feel like i know better then most people... Kinda hard to explain, but arnt we the pill nation?
  7. Well the hype of it being bad has caused a lot of 60+ year old people to be super ignorant. If you watched American weed, all the anti-dispensary people were like 60 and older.

    However, for the younger generations, I feel like its inspired a feeling of rebeliousness and resentment towards the bullshit policies with our government. Which is a good thing.
  8. It's a significant aspect of popular culture, considering how frequently I hear people label music or movies as 'stoner'
  9. I think a better question is how has America effected marijuana culture because people smoked weed since before USA was a country.
  10. I really think it has helped them to...

    Wait I forget. :smoking:
  11. Cannabis has effected all cultures its made contact with.
  12. Won us WWII.
  13. I wrote a dissertation on this subject for a college course actually. If anyone wants to read it, PM me. It's lengthy. Some of my highlighted points were the fact that...

    1. It is more "socially accepted"
    2. It has changed the music industry, as well as the film industry. So, Media.

  14. You were isolationist for much of the war. You can hardly take credit...
  15. #16 OneOfTheGoodOnes, Mar 23, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2012

    Like Chamberlain was such a hawk.
  16. You neglected to mention Churchill; the militaristic leader that was necessary for war. Furthermore, Britain was involved from the get-go. As well, why even mention him? There were more countries involved than that. I pointed out the fact that you seem to assume that the United States won World War II single handedly. This assumption is about as far from the truth as can be, though the Americans did have a profound impact on the result, they were NOT the sole victors.
  17. Neville was a complete fucking idiot, appeasement was possibly the worst policy like ever. You are however very much correct that the US was not the "sole victor" in the end. Nor do I think it was completely necessary for us to get involved in the first place. Obviously we had to but hypothetically if we didnt I still don't think the axis powers would of ended out on top. Lets face facts Nazi Germany was going to lost the eastern front as soon as they decided to invade Russia and make it a dual front war, the soviet army is just too large to have to fight them and someone else, just too much sheer number not to mention a fairly good military industrial complex existed in Russia at the time. Anyways is the US doesnt enter the war, the real question is would Germany of been able to take Britain before the Soviets could of mobilized. If yes than the war looks good for the axis, that in turns pushes focus towards Russia and makes Russia fight on two fronts; Germany to the west and Japan from the south/east? Russia crumbles under that. Now if Germany cant take Britain before the Soviets mobilize i think the outcome is much the same, maybe more casualty ridden and much more drawn out but still a similar out come. I'm fucked up right now.
  18. I think the biggest thing its done is show how much of a bold face lie the drug war is. The whole "gateway" theory is do to the fact that in the 1930's "Marijuana" was said to be dangerous by Harry Anslinger. The government is keeping this lie going till this day, and as soon as someone tries Cannabis they know the government was lying. So people think "What else was the government lying about?" Then they go on to do other drugs. People are slowly waking up and accepting Cannabis and some are just hopping on the bandwagon because they think its the cool thing to do. Its sad to say but the only way things are gonna change in the way of drug policy in this country is when the older voters die off.
  19. Why do people keep mentioning Chamberlain!?!?!? :p

    I understand what you mean though. However, I feel that Britain was on the verge of collapse, Russia was lacking the supplies; not the manpower, and that the United States was a key piece in the victory. That being said, being a Canadian, I take offence when (SOME) Americans take credit for the war. Meanwhile countries like Canada and Britain were involved immediately, rather than when it was strictly in their personal interests. (Attack on Pearl Harbour)

    Yes, I understand it took Canada a little time to officially declare war. It was because we were accumulating arms from the States before entering the war because of the isolationist government refusing to become involved.

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