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How has cannabis changed your life?

Discussion in 'General' started by -OG-GOLFWANG-OG-, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. This thread is for the people who's life's have been completely changed by the herb and how it's changed them as a person.

    For me, I "used" to have terrible sleep insomnia and would stay up countless nights without any sleep, I have taken your run of the mill medicine for months and it made me feel worse so I turned to cannibis, though I did smoke before this like once a week aha. Anyways it worked wonders, a good indica after a long day will knock me out! Definitally has changed my life, and its natural, cause all of that medicine is horrible for you in the long run.

    Now it's your turn! :D
  2. Bump..

    Nothing? Huh.
  3. im not as hard on my self as i used to be
  4. For me, its taught me nt to give a flying shit about things. I used to be a lil shy wid ppl i didnt kno, but now im so much more outgoing n outspoken n i love it
  5. I quit sleep walking helps with my insomnia and i can actually remember my dreams and i dont sleep for 12 hours just reach REM
  6. idk it made me better in school honestly
    it made me not mind doing shit i used to hate
    it also changed my shitty mood swings, and helped me be more tolerant

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