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How harmful is weed to the lungs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeAndMaryJane, May 11, 2011.

  1. I remember that thread. With the guy that said pipes are better for you than water pipes/bongs. I guess inhaling burnt plant matter directly is better than filtering it out.
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    Haha hey man. The thread has a lot of stupid posts, I obviously don't agree with everything that is posted on that thread or any thread for that matter.

    Blowing O's, all I'm saying is, there are *college studies* that are posted on this site. There are some very intelligent people on here, believe it or not. Does this mean I agree with every uncited "fact" that is posted by anyone on here? No. I think it's wise to be critical of information, which is why I posted about the 75% number seeming way too high.

    If you could cite this college study, I'd totally change my position.

  3. no it is physically addictive because you are addicted to a physical feeling not that you need the chemicals at all times in your system at all times
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    Fuck up before i throw u in an oven jew

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    Prove me wrong then ?
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    Clove oil used to be used to treat lung cancer, and it was found out to actually cause it. Any inhaling any smoke is harmful. Cannabis smoke has tar, and carcinogens. But none have been found to be cancerous.

    I'm sorry that is not correct what so ever.
  7. You are the one who brought up 75%, said you read a college study on it. It's on you to prove your claims. In the meantime, check out the NORML study I posted, that's my evidence.
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    Sooooo much misinformation in this thread. It seems like every time a novice smoker starts a thread in the apprentice section you get multiple people throwing out complete bullshit claims and just making 'facts' up.

    If you're looking for basic information about cannabis, such as the question the OP asked, you're much better off RESEARCHING, and READING for yourself. The amount of people on here who are uneducated about cannabis is astounding.
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    You got it backwards man. When people say it's physically addictive they mean that your body needs the chemicals in it at all times or else it gets sick. Mentally addicted means the addiction is in your head and your mind is "addicted" to the feeling of being high but does not exactly "need it" to function properly.

    You have the right idea, you just have the terms backwards.

    No harsh feelings, just trying to clear up a misunderstanding.
  10. Da fuck are cloves....?
  11. To clear this up, physical addiction implies an actual need for the substance . Heroin, alcohol, nicotine are all physically addictive because if you don't get them you go through withdrawal. (duh)

    Weed however is properly classified under psychologically addictive because it is habit forming. There is no physical dependence on weed from your body, thus no withdrawal. What makes alcohol nicotine and all the others so addictive is that they are BOTH physically addictive and habit forming (psychologically addictive)

    Source: my brain. I'm a psych student :smoke:
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    Exactly what I said :) you got it completely right. I love fighting ignorance :)
  13. One question, what the fuck is with the rainbow diarrhea in your question?
  14. SMOKE is harmful to your lungs, not the actual weed. Vaping or consuming edibles would be considered safer. Smoking cloves is worse than smoking ciggarettes.
  15. In many studies marijuana was actually found to stop the growth of lung cancer cells as well as even kill some.
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  17. Misinformation? I would say the stuff about lungs and vapourizing is true, and the stuff about addiction and purely speculative effects to be quite unproductive.

    Cloves, as explained, paralyze your cilia. Your cilia are the little hairs on the inside of your lungs that take crap that's not supposed to be in your lungs as well as mucous out of your lungs. So not only do you get crap stuck in your lungs, but you also have very unproductive coughing, which leads to heavy lungs and lots of unproductive coughing.
  18. I found these two lines to be rather ironic.
  19. wow, bons do NOT filter out 75% of the tar, that's some major misinformation there.

    how do i know this?

    take a square of paper towel. place over mouth piece, smoke bong (or try to, lol)

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