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How hard to hit a bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Antacids, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. NOTE-I think this should be posted in the Rec Usage section but it's not accepting new posts/every thread posted in there seems to get deleted, so for getting some, "Seasoned," incite on this might be good.

    Okay, so I have bowl packed that I am saving for tonight, its the rest of my bud so my question is....

    Will you get higher by torching the top and sucking through hard to get a lot of smoke, or is it better to delicately corner the bowl and suck in small bursts to not have the entire bowl roast?
  2. Either way, your getting all that thc into your lungs.. the only way I can think of to get higher off that one bowl is to hold your hits in. Its up to you rather you prefer the taste of alota butane or not. :bongin: Happy tokin GC.
  3. Not too long ago, I too found myself asking the same question as you. Personally, when I'm low on bud I'll corner it and get 10 hits to myself on an average sized bowl. When conserving weed is not a priority, I'll roast it.

    Cornering is mainly used when smoking in a circle, to preserve the greens so everyone can have a hit of fresh greens :hello:
  4. Cornering is better because torching will take some of it through
  5. when im low like that I usually take a 2 liter and make a waterfall or g-bong
  6. The mods have changed the Rec Usage to three Sub Threads in which are now more direct for what you are talking about or looking for Hope that helps
  7. yea bro, i just torch half and half on the top then dig in

    that way you get the taste nice and think rather than just smoke
  8. If your smoking with other people you should corner it but if not do whatever you like. I don't like to torch the weed though. I don't like the weed to burn when its not being hit. Waste of weed.

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