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How hard to get a prescription in CA?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ggirl8, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Wow....nice rant man. I believe the reason why WildWill corrected your ass is because you ARE spreading misinformation. Its one thing to just be wrong about something and admit or or admit that you aren't sure but damn, you act like YOU know it all. Is it easy to get a card? maybe. Do plenty of people abuse the law? of course they do. No one is really disputing that. You clearly said that it comes up on your credit report and I questioned that. Do you mind explaining to me how it comes up on your CREDIT report, genius? I don't know if you have ever been prescribed for anything but that shit doesn't go on your credit report. You and your doctor are the only people that should know that. Correct me if I'm wrong buddy......

    What you need to do is chill and smoke some of that med grade dro you got and quit spreading bullshit statements for us to read. Why? because they don't make sense.....

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    Danks - are you a MMJ patient in California?

    Because I am. I've been one for four years, and I'm also very active in the MMJ movement here. I DO know the laws in California because I've read them, many many times.

    Don't try and tell me that your OPINION On the law is actually more accurate than the LAW itself.

    I also worked in the Health Insurance field, I read the laws on HIPAA and medical records. It was PART OF MY FREAKING JOB.

    Gimme a break. Stay out in New York and do your reading on the internet, I'll be hanging out in clubs, discussing MMJ and helping with the movement to get safe access to those who need it.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this as well:

    I used to work in Credit Card Processing. I had to do research as part of my job, on credit scores and your credit report, so I DO KNOW what can go on them and what can't.

    so, as previously stated.

    Your #1 - is illegal diversion. Do people do it? yes, is it wrong? Absolutely.
    Your #3 is total bullshit. YOur MMJ recommendation is protected health information and DOES NOT GET RELEASED TO ANYONE.

    But you're the know it all right?

    I don't claim to know everything, in my 38 years on the planet, I've been blessed to realize that I know but a drop in the ocean of knowledge. However, When that water coalesces in a tide pool, and I can learn everythign I can about that tide pool, that's what I do. In this case, my tide pool is Medical Marijuana in California.

    I think it's safe to say that while I don't know EVERYTHING about Medical Marijuana in California, I know more than you do Mr. Danksawhatever.
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    soo uhh i used to live in CA, but no longer have a drivers license as i live in CO now. I still have my CA fake with my old addy on it, but all the info (DL number) is wrong. Could I use this to get my card even though I technically live in CO? lol im going on a trip and will be there in the summer so i want a card... do they like swipe your card for info or just like scan it?

    edit: and I can get my doctors records from CA.

  4. Could you do this? Probably. But it's completely and totally unethical. Not to mention illegal.
  5. lol i wouldnt, i have plenty of friends that could get me some if i ever needed it, i dont want to get charged and maybe put in jail because of that. just a question man:smoke:
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    quick question... im not saying your wrong or anything, i just thought of something when i read the lines "You and your doctor are the only people that should know that.", what does your insurance company get notified of when your insurance pays for some prescription? because i have insurance and i got to the doctor and i take a piece of paper to the pharmacy that says what I need to be prescribed and then I get a discount because of my insurance. does my insurance just know that i need some type of prescription for something or do they know at least what im being prescribed? i know people dont use insurance for medical cannabis but im just asking a general question here... sorry if this is the wrong thread or wrong website. :hello:


    yeah, i wouldnt do this one. get it from a friend because if you get caught its trouble either way... why even waste money on the doctors visit?

    some here there are random questions...
  7. i was really high when i asked that i now realize that would be very stupid to do that hahaha, im fine with getting my CO license, i have friends out there that can get me stuff, but its so easy to find in CA. my bad guys:smoke:

  8. Nah, thats a good question man. I'm not too familar with the insurance company so honestly I couldn't tell you the exact answer on that one. But, I have an educated guess. For one, while there doesn't seem to be any benefit for your insurance company to know your medication, I wouldn't put it past them to have access to your records if they REALLY needed them for something. Also, I would assume the insurance company would want to know what exactly its paying for. I could be wrong though.......maybe somebody a bit more educated on this can touch on it.

  9. There isn't a single major health insurance company that will cover MMJ at the moment. Having worked in the health insurance field for a short time as a patient, I researched this, MMJ isn't covered. AT ALL.

    There ARE small companies that advertise in MMJ newspapers and such claming that they offer medical insurance that will cover MMJ, but I have not researched them at all, and frankly I"m skeptical about their claims.

    You MAY also be able to set up a health savings plan which provides a tax break on medical related purchases (you have a certain amount taken out of every paycheck that goes into an escrow account that pays you back after you submit receipts). BUT that's only a maybe, the tax break wouldn't really be much use.

    Trust me when I say this though, you cannot get your HMO to pay for your meds.

    It's not even a prescription remember, it's a recommendation.
  10. The Co-Op I have assigned myself to offers discounts if you are a patient covered by Medicaid or Medicare (sp?)
  11. And MEDICANN offers discounts on a recommendation to those on Medi-Cal or Medi-Care as well.

    BUT that's still not a health insurance company reimbursing or covering the cost of MMJ.
  12. ^ exactly. it wont be so until drug/medical companies get over the fact they cant profit off of a plant as much if they could patent it, assuming its legal.

  13. lol. what are you talking about...
    my exact words were "i know people dont use insurance for medical cannabis but im just asking a general question here..." meaning i know they dont. please, re-read my question if you are interested in answering.
    this website has some random people
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    Yeah, I did read your question. My response is still valid. I just read through it again.

    My response was directly related to the use of MMJ. I guess though you're asking a more general question, as to what your insurance company knows about prescriptions from your doctor. I can tell you from experience that your HMO or PPO will pretty much have access to all of your medical information. They have to in order to pay the bills from the doctor. When something is prescribed there's a diagnosis code that goes with it in order for the insurance company to properly process the information. If the diagnosis code is wrong, they won't pay.

    In certain circumstances, your insurance company may also not cover your prescriptions from your HMO or PPO doctor because they have prescription guidelines that the doctor has to follow before they'll cover the bill (usually happens with anti-cholestrol medications for some reason).

    There are a ton of "standard" prescriptions that most insurances will pay for without question, meaning you don't get hassled when you make your co-payment. There are a ton of other drugs though that get questioned up the wazoo, and man, can I tell you the pain in the ass it is to get them to pay sometimes.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your question at first. I was probably medicated.
  15. for some reason I laughed out loud reading this......quote of 09!
  16. cool. thanks
    why would being medicated affect your answer?
  17. Thanks this post helped me tons, as I'm moving back home to California from Missouri.
  18. Hey guys,
    The guy above me is completely correct. I'm originally from Sacramento but I live in Dencer now. However, during my Christmas break I called up MediCann headquaters and made an appointment in one of their offices that was located closest to me. It's that easy. I got my prescription through an adderall prescription that I've had for a couple of years. I brought a copy of the prescription and showed it to the doctor and he signed all of my paperwork within a 15 minute period. It really was amazing. And the great thing was I could use the prescription as soon as I got it :). I went straight up to San Francisco and went to some of the greatest dispensaries in Northern California. Your moving to an amazing city. Enjoy every minute of it :).
  19. yo guys i went to dr patel in hollywood and she was great. took no more than 20 minutes!!!:hello::smoking: the actual doctor appointment was 10 seconds1!!1! man i hope u have as easy a time as i did. if not go to
  20. same, where you goin to college

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