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How hard to get a prescription in CA?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ggirl8, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I'm moving to San Francisco to take part in a community service program called Americorps for the next ten months. I'm wondering how difficult it would be for me to get a 420 prescription and have access to the pharmacies out there -- I do have a health problem that would qualify me for the program, but I don't think I'll be considered a CA citizen working there temporarily for Americorps. Any thoughts or information? Thanks:smoking:
  2. Im pretty sure you need a state ID
  3. I didnt know that you could have a prescription or that any pharmacy stocked weed. Am i wrong or does this person not understand the California law at all regarding medical marijuana?
    please why cant you search for the info?? its been posted so many times.:(
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    Hon,it is a recommendation, not a prescription! BIG difference legally. You need to get a Ca driver's license as soon as you have an address. Get a copy of your medical records from your doctor documenting your ailment- they speed the process. Then it's just go to California Norml and pick a doc! Bring in the records, proof of residence (your driver's license) and the cash! You will walk out California legal in about 1 hour!

    No pharmacies carry cannabis. You must either go to a dispensary/club, or buy it black market as always, or grow your own.

    Granny :wave:
  5. Storm Crow, I have a question to ask. I'm moving to Santa Monica in the fall to attend school and interested in acquiring a recommendation. The thing is, I'm from Seattle. I've been under the impression that you actually have to be a resident of Cali (having lived there for atleast 1 year), to get a MMJ card. Is this true? Or do I only have proof of residence, medical records, and money/time?
  6. Pretty sure you just have to have a California state issued ID with your CA 'permanent' address on it... As far as documentation of state citizenship goes... As to prove how long you been a resident in CA to the dmv, I'm not sure... Way back when I just walked in there got CA driver license a week after I moved down there.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you moved down there and within a week of you getting a CA driver license, you got an MMJ card? or did you wait a year or so to get yours?
  8. Nah, never got a MMJ card back then. I got my CA drivers license only because I wanted to get a motorcycle endorsement. At the time I had nothing qualifying me for it all and it's not like I wasn't getting weed every any way. And mainly I was 17 at the time. :rolleyes:
  9. All you need is a state issued ID listing a California Residence at most doctors.

    Again, NONE of this is new information, it's all been posted many, many times before. Reading the forum itself would answer most, if not all of your questions.
  10. Ok, gotcha. While none of this is new information, Its been hard for me to figure out what is the exact truth. I've seen that you have to be a resident and seen otherwise. Either way, sounds like you know what your talking about so I don't think I'll be asking anymore questions haha. Thanks for the input
  11. honestly dude you don't even need a card. Especially since your young, you are A: going to immediately meet ppl who have a card or they have a friend w/ one.
    B: mad people out in cali grow dankness
    C: That shit can show up on your credit rating/blacklisted

    Don't hate for not wanting to get blacklisted and or fucked over by a credit card company, i dont wanna hear it.
  12. Wait a shows up on your CREDIT report? that doesn't even make any sense. I'm pretty sure my prescription for Depakote doesn't show up. Why would some weed? Forget Yeah on my medical records my SSN may be on there but why would the doctor submit that to any bank? IIRC The only thing medical relate that does on your credit report is if you have bills that you are paying off.

    And as far as meeting people in CA, I already know a couple people down there so you are completely right. In cali, it is very easy to find it if you REALLY want it.
  13. . In cali, it is very easy to find it if you REALLY want it.[/QUOTE]

    in California, it easy to find it even if you don't want it man. :smoke:
  14. i'am looking to go to college in cali i'am from NY could i use my college as a address if i dorm there ??? anyone no
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    DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PERSON. He's WRONG on the first and third item. The only thing that's accurate here is that there are a LOT of growers in the state.

    EVEN IF you meet someone with a card, it's ILLEGAL for them to divert meds to you if you're not a patient, and it's unethical. It also is extremely bad for the movement. DO NOT DO THIS.

    having a MMJ recommendation will NOT show up on your credit report I do not know where he got that idea, but he's DEAD WRONG. Having a MMJ recommendation is Health Information, which is protected by the HIPAA Federal Law. NO ONE can find out if you're an MMJ patient unless you specifically allow it.

    He's not EVEN a resident of California. It's one thing to give out bad information, but it's quite another to do so from the OPPOSITE end of the country.

    Come on. If you're not an MMJ patient, and you have no option to become one, then why are you posting here? Just to spread disinformation? That totally sucks.
  16. Under the Patriot Act, the Government can have access to those records for "National Security".
  17. Under HIPAA they can't. Can't imagine the government using the patriot act to look at someone's medical records. Don't be paranoid.
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    this dude is a douche.

    also agreed.
    what the hell is with you people?

  19. "do not listen to this person" do you have any law degree? nah i didn't think so shot im the only dude who can give legal advice guy. what makes you think you know more about marijuana legalities then i do? Wow, im on the opposite end of the country, i must be completely unaware and uninformed of the marijuana laws in themost awesome state in MY country. yes, i said it, the state you live in is the fucking shit, AND HOLY SHIT GUY, they have planes and cars now, just cause i don't live in your state doesn't mean i've never been there. even way back when all we had were ponies we made it from one end of the country to the other. Manifest destiny, ya dig? and how the fuck am i wrong about knowing people with a med card. less then a month ago, i stepped out of lax, got picked up by a friend, friend tosses me a jar of bud straight from the clubs... guess what, a dude with a med card, sold me bud!!!!!!!!! but i bet im the first one that's ever had that occur right? don't play the super know it all card you truly look like a huge asshole. and to think the government wouldn't check through your records or even a corporation or firm you apply to, you really have far to much faith in people and the federal government my compadre. of all people, you would think a medicinal marijuana user like yourself would have the LEAST POSSIBLE FAITH AND OR TRUST IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. and it's bad for the movement? (im only half sorry for jumping around from one point or another) cmon man, you think the majority of people who have med cards truly got them for medicinal purposes. im not doubting anyone on GC is authentic and i wouldn't ever doubt anyone who says they need it but it's a fucking joke to get a card dude. that shit is so poorly regulated. anyone can get one whose a resident, i was walking along venice beach and was told exactly how and where to talk to the doctor, said it would onlytake an hour or so. please don't preach about the movement, where all in the same boat, some need it more and i understand that but in the end we all want to smoke pot legally.

  20. lol.

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