how hard is photoshop to learn? question.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by just blaze, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. no art in this thread sorry guys :p i've had a lot of free time on my hands lately, so i've been trying to pick up some new hobbies, i wish i was real artistic, but unfortunately i'm not:( is photoshop hard to learn to use? i don't want to drop a good sum of money on it for nothing, i'm stuck between a drum machine or photoshop, music and art aren't really things i'm good at but i want to learn one or the other
  2. you can use it after a day or two of going over the basic tools, but you can spend years learning the nuances of the software. i've had 8 years of experience in photoshop so far and feel im fairly adept at using it and when i stay within my own style the process if fairly streamlined, but i have to look at tutorials every once in a while to learn how to do something new.

    oh but buy the drum machine, you can always find photoshop for free floating around on the net or just need to ask the right people...
  3. PS isnt hard to learn on, D/L PS7, i found this wwas the best for me to learn on...Its really rewarding when you finally finish a picture, and the comments you get..
  4. i'll be honest ps is a tough program to learn. you'll probably get really hooked on just using artist filters and stuff which people tend to do, but actually learning the in and outs of the program and doing what takes skill can take a long time
  5. Don't pay for PS. It's so easy to get free. Pay for it when you start making art that you're going to commercially release (well, if you want to, it's probably a good idea), but until then I would hate to see someone drop a few hundred dollars on it and not end up liking it.

    There are great virtual drum machine programs out there too. FruityLoops (I think called FL Studio now) used to be good about 3 years ago when I last used it. You could make any kind of music on it with an incredible level of detail. Nice app.

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