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how hard is it to get a medical card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by carsnwoofers, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. i have depression, anxiety and nausea. will i be able to get a medical card easily?

  2. What state do you live in, the requirements differ by state
  3. Then ya you're good, shouldn't be hard at all I believe all of those conditions qualify
  4. it's not hard at all in cali
  5. pay the money, get the card.
  6. thanks for the replies. glad its easy, thats what i was looking for
  7. You can get a MMJ card for a fucking hangnail in California. Just tell them that marijuana alieviates your symptoms without bringing about any nasty side effects you get from over the counter medication. The first time I got my card, I just said that one sentence and I was on my way.
  8. Just take in your prescription bottle(s)and you won't have any problems.
  9. In california as long as you got 80 bucks, you can get a card.
  10. Is it hard in Rhode Island?

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  11. Go to the doctor, tell them what you need it for and then theyll give it to you.pretty simple.look for a registered doctor in youre area
  12. Is it easy like california though like can i just say my back hurts

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  13. another enabling thread...
    in California, if you claim your eyes aren't red enough, you can get a card...
    game the mmj system...who gives a fuck....
  14. thanks for posting this thread OP. im curious what it takes to get one too. i too am in Cali. only difference is i dont have the conditions you have. however i was in a car accident and now i have mild back pain. anyone know if it would be as easy for me to get one as well?
  15. As everyone has already said, yes
  16. your eyes aint red enough, get a card in CALIFORNIA
    you stubbed your toe a year ago, get a card in CALIFORNIA
    you can make up any reason at all and get a card in CALIFORNIA
    who gives a shit if you lie cheat and steal to get high...go for it!!!
  17. If you live in Los Angeles area, 420 evaluations on Vermont costs $40. I just re-newed my card. Told the doc that It lowers my blood sugar spikes ( I have type 2 diabetes) which is true, and it helps relieve the pain I get from Sciatica (not true, i just hate soma.) He took my blood pressure and I was in and out in 15 mins. Have fun bro.
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    it's not okay to steal. you obviously have some integrity issues. 
    nobody is lying or cheating if it helps them medicinally, you're not the judge of that buddy
  19. What he was saying, is unlike other states, California requires no proof of illness beyond verbal. I do realize that there are several actual MMJ patients. But there are many loopholes in the California MMJ world. I think other states saw that and avoided it. Cali rules man.

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