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how hard is it to get a card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kashii, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. #1 kashii, Apr 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 9, 2010
    so currently i live in kansas but i have been thinking about moving to california (not because MMJ is legal i've just always wanted to) and i was wondering if it would be hard for me to get a card.

    i have had multiple surgeries on my legs due to a bone disease which makes me more seceptible to fracturing my bones and sometimes my leg will randomly just start hurting, also im not able to walk very far without it hurting, and i like to take long walks but due to my leg im not really able to. I used to take 5-10 mile walks with a rest mayb every mile, nowi cant go 7 blocks without needing to let my leg rest.

    so do you think i would be able to get a card?


    heres a few pics of my leg


  2. if you have money you can get a card haha.
  3. pfft. No problem. Wait a few more months, prolly will be legal anyway. The challenge will be surviving here. its very tough times in ca right now.
  4. how so? gang violence?
  5. Economy I think?
  6. In Cali, if you have the money, you can get a card easily..
  7. You sir, just made my high.
  8. i just put some pics of my leg in the op
  9. how much is it?

  10. yes. dont go to california. the whole state is full of opposing gangs driving down the streets shooting at each other. every block. lol :smoke:

    the economy apparently blows dick in california right now

  11. $100-150 depending on where you go, and 50-100 bucks to renew after a year.
  12. oh i see also how much does weed cost at a dispensary?
  13. all sorts of prices, Grams go anywhere from 10-20 and 1/8's from 35-70, and so on

  14. Yeah, the economy is currently tokin a fat dick, but I don't think it's the worst in the U.S.
  15. at least we got the best Budsssss:D

  16. disagree
    here on the east coast in nyc not only is it easy as hell to get bud but basically everwhere you go is dank. only sucks that prices are pretty high up here, but oh well
  17. finely someone who say the east cost got some dank. I live in nj and feel like we have some dank here

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