How Hard Do You Think It Is?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by iamironman, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. Well again im stoned and wandering the internet so i thought id post here in the mean time. I was just wonderin, i got some plants going healthy and im sure theyle make it, this is my first time btw, and i was wondering what the chances are to grow some descent weed. I mean it does not have to be the best shit i ever had, but at least some red hairs. I am growing outdoors and fixed my problem with unsturdy plants. Someone please post on average quality and quantity of first time outdoor grows.

    -from a Jay and Silent Bob fan-
  2. My first grow knocked me on my behind, but the yield wasn't that great. Subsequent grows led to bigger harvest but the potentcy was inconsistent. Each grow started from different seeds.

    So the logic follows that potentcy derives from the strain of the weed, while the yield is directly related to the experience of the grower.

    If you staretd with a kick-ass strain of a seed, it should be good. Yield may suffer but that will get better with practice.

    What really takes a while to master is the curing process. You need more self disciplin and will power to become a master curer.

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