how ground should weed be for the mflb?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by footballkid001, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. wuts up gc? I just got a mflb on saturday and its been pretty good but i just have one question, It seems like even after 20 or so hits the weed still has a bit of green to it. iv been thinking its because im not grinding it enough. I just grind it the same way i do for my bowls/joints with my 4 piece aluminum grinder, do i need it to be finer?
  2. ya from what ive heard you should grind pretty fine, the finer the better because finer means more surface area to be heated
  3. grind as fine as you can.. hit it a couple times.. dump... grind between fingers.. dump back in trench.. this is your best option.. a grinder still only grinds up so fine.. and its not fine enough for optimal vaporization with the mflb.. my Chromium crusher has roughly 2mm sized holes..
  4. Coffee grinder ;D
  5. It's easier to shake everything up between hits. And you can flip your grinder upside down so it acts like a 2 piece grinder and get it as fine as you want to.

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