How good are Apple Pipes?

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  1. Alright so I always smoke around the lake near my house during the night, I use to smoke a lot of papers but they have a lot of smoke which makes all my clothes smell and I really don't feel like getting my ass kicked by my parents. So a few months ago I started smoking apple pipes, and I would make them so good. I don't remember how high they use to get me but I always used to smoke them because of the taste and less smoke. Do you guys think I should continue smoking apples? I haven't smoked them in a long time and don't know if they will get my really baked. I remember times when I smoked during the night and would just stare at the lake and say to myself, "where the fuck am I? this looks so beautiful and different". I would get really high and think I'm in a different place. But there are times where I barely reach that high level with apples. You guys think I should just take a big ass hit and hold it in for like 4 seconds?. I guess I'm just really excited to smoke since I haven't done it in a long as time. What are your guys thoughts on apple pipes?. I'm not from a legal state or country so they are my best option.

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  2. Ehhh... There okay. For sure isn't the best thing to smoke out of but it will do the trick. Google some ways to make a good one. Either way, your gonna get high. But investing in a good pipe or bong is definitely worth it. Peace and Pot brother. Any questions, just ask.
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  3. Awww... <_<

    When I saw your post, I thought Apple had come out with a new smart iVaporizer.

    I use apples to make pies. :confused_2: Not much to add.
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  4. I thought you said how good are apple pies
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  5. I like apple pie..... Mmmmmmm......
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  6. My Apple pipe...
  7. I like them for the sole reason that you can eat your pipe after you're done smoking.
  8. I've been smoking for over 10 years now, have tons of pieces and wraps and stuff, but an apple pipe is always so satisfying to smoke from. I really enjoy them.
  9. their good for disposing evidence and most people wouldnt think its a pipe looking at one. but your parents can probably still smell weed. if your really woried about the smell then use a bong and hold the smoke in until its all gone

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