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  1. Whats up guys, I live in Mobile, AL. I am originally from Portland, Oregon though. I miss it dearly. Anyways I smoke only occasionally, 3-5 times a month. People down here think Marijuana is horrible and I am sure the weed we have sucks compared to else where but you got to make do with what you got. Made the mistake of bringing a small amount of pot on my senior trip, long story short girl flips out and tells on us. I called my parents and they didn't give two shits. They use to smoke when we lived in Oregon. The parents on the trip got mad at my parents for not caring. I think I am going to join the Air Force soon but I don't know.

    If you read all this then I am sorry i wasted your time but i felt like ranting.
  2. dude im from sylacauga AL dude
  3. yo homie i live in pensacola/cantonment which is reight across the bama/florida line so where kinda close. whats up. and welcome to grasscity
  4. Its a small world huh? I actually just spent the past week in Pensacola at the beach.
  5. yea man ive heard the smoke down here is good. i havent been able to find any since i moved down here so i havent been high in almost 2 months it sucks. back in virginia i was smokin dank on the regular and now i cant even find schwag lol. hows the smoke up your way?
  6. I mean I'm no expert so all i can say is it gets me high, lol. I know this stuff doesn't compare to the northwest but it gets the job done. I just know a kid that is friends with all the dealers and I get him to go get me my stuff. I've never even met a drug dealer but I know all the ones around here are young thugs.
  7. oh word.. shit man yall goin buck wild over there mobile on the news everynight talkin bout shootings and home invasion its crazy lol. well shit what part of the beach you go to? i go down to the pier twice a week usually. some nice looking chicks down here huh lol
  8. I don't the name, We had to take the toll bridge to get to the beach and it was really nice. You probably saw some news from Pritchard area. That is a really rough neighborhood. I live about 10 miles north of their in a little country town.
  9. yea i know where your talking about. did you see this? [​IMG] i go to the beach where that big ass ball is. sorry for takin overf your thread btw haha. i'll send you a pm in a mionute

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