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How get high off my weed without smoking it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bigmike1123, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Alright so I have about a gram (maybe a little more) of good schwag. about half of it is like a couple of weeks old(been sitting in ziploc bag in my room) the other half is a couple days old. ive smoked a couple of times before but i have never gotten high (incorrect technique and not enough hits i think). is there anyone i can get high, in a subtle manner? the smell has to be limited and it cant be a very hard process. i was thinking about making a weed drink, but all the recipes i found involve keeping the weed over your stove for several minutes, which is a bad idea because my parents room is right next to the kitchen. but i could boil a pot of water, then bring it up to my room.

    forgive me is anyone the stuff i said doesnt make sense, im a weed novice.
  2. First things first, theres no such thing as good schwag mate, its all crap.
    I wouldnt do anything with it but if its all you got, what i'd reccomend doing is just wait till yer parents go out then try baking it in something, like brownies.
    I would say just go outside and smoke, but tbh i wouldnt smoke schwag, that may make me sounds like a bit of a weed snob, but it just tastes terrible and doesnt get you high.
    Just though of another one, make firecrackers. Look at the sticky for it it works great. Just do the method where you dont have to cook them
  3. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhEGp7aD-qA"]YouTube - How To Make A Light Bulb Vaporizer - Very Easy and Quick[/ame]

    Vape it.
  4. Lol is that a joke?

    Edit: didnt see the home-made idea post..
  5. great video. i'm gonna try to make this.
  6. Make a Leary bisquit. Take a Ritz cracker, put a slice of cheese on it. put your ganj on that cheese, then put another layer of cheese over that. Then put on another ritz. You could also use bread. Cook it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, then eat it. The smell won't be bad. It definitely won't smell like bud...more like cabbage or something, but nobody should be suspicious about you making a snack. I doubt they're gonna ask to see the inside of your sandwich. :yummy:

  7. Don't you know that when you vaporize weed you DON'T combust it?

    To answer your question, no it was not a joke?

    I vape in my room all the time, no smell. Not like anyone around me would care anyways.
  8. Im not understanding the joke either???

  9. :poke:

  10. No dude no.
  11. Can anyone else vouch for the legitamacy of this??? don't think it will work but i could be wrong
  12. It's basically a firecracker, should get you stoned.
  13. 'cept fire crackers have peanutbutter, peanutbutter has oil and fat, THC is fat soluble, Therefore, firecrackers have THC

    Does cheese have alot of fat/oil:confused:
  14. "Good schwag" is a fucking oxymoron.

  15. Cheese is mainly bacteria, fat, and milk products, at least thats what i think.
  16. Yes it does. Unless it's low fat cheese.
  17. this thread need not exist if people would just look up the fucking information ON THIS WEBSITE

    with the fuckin SEARCH bar
  18. I think cheese might actually extract the thc fine, but i dont know about leavin your weed in the microwave for 45 seconds
  19. I may have to try at some point, but yeah, 45 does seem a little long

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