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How fun is swimming high?!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaemercs, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Just helped my parents open up the pool and that means soon i will be swimming HIGH for the first time =D I can imagine it will be GREAT.

    How is it ?!:D
  2. It is awesome I do it everyday. Just run out back and bust a massive dive off of the board. It is the only way to experience it.
  3. I would recommend a floatie, and some munchies. haha!
  4. you will enjoy it. the last pool i was in was overlooking montego bay, jamaica. i was most definitely high.
  5. It really is great. I haven't done it that many times, but whenever I get the chance I get really excited.

    The best is smoking and swimming in the Ocean. It's amazing.
  6. I like floating and smoking.... it's great to sunbathe be in the zone.
  7. yeah we still got to add a little more water.. clean it and add those chemicals so can dive myself right in :smoking:
  8. Tehe went through that last year...

    I already got wicked burned by the sun here in Texas.
  9. I love going swimming high, always get to try those crazy things off the diving board that never end up working out haha, but i found out that sometimes if you stay there for more than like 30 minutes my high kinda goes away, is this just me? or do other people experience the same thing
  10. sorry, I couldn't resist :)

  11. Swimming high is the BEST feeling. Like THE best.

    There's only one way that I can think of to make it better: some company makes these sick speakers that you can hear underwater. Imagine just chillin under the water in the sun, listening to tunes, got your goggles and a snorkle... damn....
  12. I whent swimming high for the first time yesterday. You have to dive in and when you hit the water do a flip. OMG that was one of the best feelngs ever.
  13. Shit I was skimming in my dads pool all weekend but I'm on a t break...
    I can't wait to go swimming high, ive never experienced it suprisingly
  14. i love it i can just swim forever but i can't sprint to save my life when im high haha

    on a side note...underwater head phones + scuba diving + weed=possible best fucking experience ever?
  15. It's the shit man... I try and blaze before as many swim practices as I can. Makes them so much more fun.
  16. I don't know, after reading this I got a visual of hitting a joint, walking up to the edge of this Olympic sized pool, and then thinking fuck that.
  17. Yup, I agree with everyone on here, swimming blazed is the best thing in the world. Sea is better than a pool. I wonder what it would be like to be stoned in zero-g? Branson better get his ass in gear with those spaceplanes, if I haven't been outside earth's atmosphere before I'm sixty I'm gonna be extremley pissed off!
  18. zero g...thats why i was thinking about scuba...shit is pretty damn close to zero g
  19. I just swam high for the first time last night over at my girlfriend's house. I personally would much rather sit in a jacuzzi when I'm high.

    I get lazy when I'm high though and prefer to be in a jaccuzi over a pool.
  20. True, but you could have real trippy fun in space.I'm imagining something like a room (cabin?) in a space station, with windows but basically nothing else, sealed so that you can mess around with liquids and stuff.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in microgravity[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Zero Gravity Water Bubble[/ame]

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