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How fucked is my friend?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by x StownD, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Last night he got arrested for having 2 oz.s in his car. His hookup for the past week has been this guy that drove all the way from Cali to Atlanta with a couple of pounds cause its in high demand here. The guys been at the hotel for the past 5 days and my friends been re-uppin everyday. Apparently an undercover cop tailed him pulled him over. Its fucked up too because hes only 17, a senior in high school, and he's applying to schools like Emory and Princeton cause hes smart as shit. I know he has 2 felonies but how fucked is he?
  2. well mr stoned ( i like the name btw)

    i am no cop.. but as far as your friend being screwed.. it could be a number of things

    i dont know the laws where you live, but that obviously makes a big difference

    also the cop makes a diff on how he will book him and the judge on how easy he will go

    - i mean will the judge take it easy on him if he says hes applying to these schools and says he is willing to change? who knows

    but for someone who is a senior and is applying to nice schools, probably not the best idea to be buying pot right now

    hopefully he can talk his way out of it with some hardcore community service and PRAY the schools dont find out about it
  3. where do you live?
  4. Sorry man, but he's pretty fucked. There is something he can do tho.
    1: Hire a lawyer, NOW
    2: See if there's any way to get the charge reduced, a guilty plea is worth it if the plea bargain gets him off of felony charges.
    3: Be ready to take a major hit even if he does get a plea bargain
    4: If they won't bargain, hes gotta fight it. A felony will leave him fucked for life, no voting, no guns, very few jobs.
  5. Cops setting up in hotel rooms as "out of town dealers" is one of the most common stings. He is probably in pretty big trouble.
  6. So fucked there is not enough fucks on this thread to equal it
  7. Fucked as much as prostitute in the RLD gets fucked. pretty fucked sorry that's pretty shitty luck just another life ruined because of these stupid laws that are put in place to protect the public but actually just hurt them. For all we know your friend could've grown up to be very successful and invented something that would change the entire world. Not anymore :(
  8. I know someone who was caught with 2 ozs. Your friend definatly needs a good lawyer. Juvie for a month at least.. Hes going to get alot of probation time. And may have to pay alot of money up to $100,000.
  9. Ya, I actually talked to him earlier today and he said he could get up to 20 years, but his parents already have lawyers working on it. The reason he was buying was cause he was making big profit by selling, and he needs money to pay off the debt he owes from betting on sports. He just a crazy fuckin kid. And I live in Georgia.

    Its just fucked, we've all been smoking so much free bud lately, like rolling blunts on the hour some days, we never thought something like this could actaully happen. Its all over though, for him at least.
  10. The fact that hes got two felonies already means this WILL be his third, and yes, hes very fucked. Sorry to say that, but its the truth.
  11. His a minor how does he have felonies?
  12. No the outta town dealers weren't cops, one of them was my friends older brother's friend from high school, and thats how my friend got the hookup. The cops just pulled him over while he was driving.
  13. No, he has two felonies from last night. His record was clean before, except for a some speeding tickets.
  14. Oh. If hes a rich white kid then chances are, and I dont mean to turn this into a race thing but you ARE in GA, hell get some probation and skate. Money talks bullshit walks.
  15. Well damn, thats a good piece of news if its true
  16. IF it happens. Youre reading the words from a jaded broke ass black californian man. lol.
  17. okay you guys, whats worse??

    Class 2 felony
    class 3 felony
    and a class C misdemeanor is what I got charged with when I was 17 I sat in jail for 2 months
    got my bail reduced and posted it. they reduced everything to a Class A misdemeanor and I got 2 yrs reporting probation. I had a public defender
  18. I was already living on my own and told the cops not to contact my mom, they didn't. my family didn't even know untill well the papers got read.
  19. Eh, they're not THAT lenient, but the fact that he's rich and white in Georgia does mean he will most likely have it taken easy on him. Addition to the lawyers, if this is his first time having any issues with the law then he might be able to get by scot-free with rehab and probation.
  20. He is 17 and has 2 felonies already wtf does he do sell crack and shoot foos on the side, sorry to hear bout your friend, aren't weed laws kinda tough down in Georgia?

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