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How fucked am I?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bizop, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. How should I go about my drug test? I stopped smoking about a month ago, but I smoked a lot. I figured my best shot was to dilute it with water and take the vitamin b12 supplement, or just have someone piss for me. The problem of having someone piss for me is I just don't know what kind of container to use, I tried a square aspirin bottle but it seemed to bulky. Do you guys think a month plus the diluted piss would be enough? Any feed back would be awesome.
  2. Also, it's at a walmart and they test their.
  3. You should read the sticky instead of wasting space. And seeing as how you didn't read the sticky, I'm not going to read your thread. So, I don't know whether you're fucked or not.
  4. You'll be fine, that's how I passed mine. Nothing to worry about, no doubt.
  5. honestly if your a healthy person and sweat from time to time it can be out in half a month. so your kosher man dont worry.
  6. I would not worry about anything

  7. I in fact did read the sticky. I was just looking for some extra feed back, and maybe some more advice.
  8. Im kinda worried about the b12 I got. I usually see it in little capsules, but the ones I have are little pink pill, do you think this matters?

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